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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Wild Rose...

She is earth
She is wind
She is the air
and the sea
She swirls around
like a madness blend
with every breathe
she revives in me,
She breaks the spell
of his midnight shell
and get him out
in foolish streams
her lord
He runs to her
in endless nothings
He hums to her
all his nonsense
she listens,
with her existence
she only wears a heart
that beats for his love
and melts at one touch
a sigh,a nod,a smile or such
She is the whole,
the one and the all
She spreads her wings
the moonlight sings
She rules in his heaven
holding a wand from hell
only she can tell
the stories of his heart
a new start
She holds his hand
a bare shadow he stands
reciting her moans
like a feverish monsoon
she drips her rain
all wet
fate set
She is destiny
a savage melancholy
celebrating him
the master
and the muse
ragging in the hues
they melt
our sun
we are one
and one is us.

This poem was inspired by my soul mate @LarvK Juliette O,she is a rare loving creature that i met and not a million word would be enough to describe her.."to you darling,and to our endless inspiration..soul mates forever wild rose..:)" celebrating love infinitely.


dulce said...

Does love exist?
Can anyone still dare ask such question? Well if they still may have the slighest doubt, let them come here!
For not many can describe that fusion like you do!
B E A U T I F U L.


Wild Rose said...

Thank you so much darling for this amazing dedication…it brought me to tears and I just wanted to say in just a few words…you mean a lot to me too Desert Rose, and yes we're soul-mates forever. This is to you:

Desert Rose~

She is his moon
and her Isis..
he is her sun
she's their thunder
Forever they move
Together, alone
Separated by time and space
In her rhythm he finds his rhyme
And in his space she finds her time
He is her Path of passion
She is his River of fire
With hope they move
Alone, together
Separated by the past and circumstance
For her he builds a bridge
For him she overflows
He is her Knight
She is his Queen
With Love they move
Together, alone
Separated by democratic hypocrisy
He slays and only for her does he slay the beast
she beats and only for him does her heart beat
Forever they move
With hope they move
Inciting with desire
Together, alone
Melting in threes
a sigh, a node, a smile or such
She's whole
a fate rejoicing him the king
molding, unfolding together
they liquefy
Our heaven
his heart
We’re one
and one is us.

Wild Rose~

Amanda said...

Oh my, this touched my heart and is in one word.....BRILLIANT!!! Thanks my dear friend and have a wonderful weekend. x

Desert Rose said...

@Dulce your words always make me dance in my smiles Dulce,so sweet..yes i think love still exists and you are one warm evidence darling..thank you :))

@Amanda So happy to see you always around darling..glad you enjoyed my poem,it is very special to me..:)

Desert Rose said...

@Wild rose
Only words i have
and they are never enough
you rise in my sky high above
you are in my heart
for now and always
shining like a brightened star
you and i
surfing around our sun
in harmony
for eternity
in love

big tight hug to you my wild Rose :) love you darling..thanks for always being around,the beautiful soul you are..:)

Anonymous said...

this is wonderful....

and says so much about our need to feel this. Our need to want to express this...

Its perfection

Desert Rose said...

@Sir Thomas i enjoyed reading your deep comment,in a few words you took me to another is our need to say things,that drive us to read them sometimes somewhere else and feel the heart beats racing,announcing the birth of an emotion..! :) thank you so much for this very interesting note seeing you around always..:))

Anonymous said...

wild roses have an attraction in it... beautiful :D


exquisitely beautiful, ladies! powerful and revealing and beautiful! how divine the love of soul-mates - a thing to cherish forever as i'm sure you do -

so sorry i've been absent a bit of late - a family medical emergency this past two weeks and only now seeing the light of day so to speak - so please forgive and know that the words of and by both you lovely roses were sorely missed in my time away -

Desert Rose said...

@fairy of the wilds thank you for you sweet words,and you are right,wild roses always attract the eyes..and the hearts in that case too..:)

@Gypsy so sorry to know about the family medical emergency! hope it gets better soon darling,you will be in my prayers sweety,may you be blessed always..thank you for coming by despite of all dear,so much appreciated..:))

joanny said...

As dulce comments "does love exist" come here to bare witness...

Aside from all the love flowing from the fountain head of the feminine divine -- your poem was exquisite coming from the deepest part of the heart, that only gets released by experience. And the lucky ones who have felt it in their lifetime can recognize when they read your words here.

Wild Rose -- her poem is an eloquent retort in kind.


dustus said...

The mutual love for each other is admirable both in the poetry it inspires, as well as through the feelings shared :)

April said...

So very beautiful a tribute...both of you, such talent, the gifts you share (Wild Rose)spectacular the breaths of heart in words. :) ~ April


hello again, dear rose - i just wanted to invite you over to another of my blogs where i have some of my own little verses scattered about, in the event you've not already visited there - it's the "gypsywomanworld" blog - check it out should you be so inclined - and i hope you are!!

Desert Rose said...

@Joanny thank you darling,your comment always brings me happiness ,love having you around :))
and yes,love does exist..:)

@Dustus thank you Adam,yes she is very special human being and a real soul mate,i m fortunate to have met her..:)

@April thank you so much April,so sweet of you..:)

Desert Rose said...

@Gypsywoman ..yes,i just saw it and it is beautiful,will comment on it for sure..:)love having you always darling..:)

Mansoor Zia said...

I often ask myself how someone can love someone so much. I know, i know now. It's beautiful pain that we breed inside, often speak in our silence which few care to over hear.

Another inspiration for me.

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