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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Like my city...

what more madness i live
that the distance
only makes me love you more
brings you closer
you are the sea,i am your shore
you reshape my city
to shine in your gravity
here i am
like a lunatic,
writing you letters of love
every night
letters that are born of my anxiety,
your lust
and my mad longing curiosity
I want to love you here
in a house that is like you
styled international
lines of luxury you sign
homey and mine
I want to sit by your side
as one we would collide
just like i sit here by this playful lake
watching the tiny red fish dance
and i would explore you in a glance
and be amazed
how many letters i wrote to you
i wanted to hold you with the words
with you i became a biased
to those letters who are closer to you
they look like you when you say them
and tremble in joy when you write them
they are like me
in your absence
within your existence
million colors you add
to the painting that was once sad
you manage these quivers
once you arrive
goosebumps strive
not to jump on my face
and expose me..
I see you on the streets
hiding in my heartbeats
in my morning coffee steam
the night i share with you my dream
you hold me
in the early morning
as if the day will only fit
in the undulated night
when i surf the features of my city,
I know you are around
when i long for the warmth of my city,
I feel your arms as my bound
when i roam alone in the crowd of my city,
I hear your steps
rising from the darkness of my solitude
to take my hand, just like my city usually does.


Brian Miller said...

snap. that was be loved like that and marvelous imagery and tying it to the city...the place you live...the place you want to live...excellent one shot...

Maha said...

your description of love is as always, very beautiful and relatable. that was a very nice poem!

John's comments said...

Explores well the passion of love.
I have posted two poems this week. On not saying hello is new but Kingpin Baby was posted up on a quiet Sunday so I thought I’d give it another outing. Both are adaption of different formal poetry forms – pantoum and sonnet.

Desert Rose said...

@Brian you always manage to bring sweet smiles to my face Brian..thank you!! it is my pleasure always to be at one shot..:)

@Maha oh Maha..Missed your comments..sooo good to have you back..:)) thank you :)

Desert Rose said...

@John thank you ,will read them for sure,have a nice day,happy you linked at one shot..:)

dustus said...

So many great lines through the flow of your poem, Abeer. Had to read it again to pick my favorite part...
"I see you on the streets
hiding in my heartbeats
in my morning coffee steam
the night i share with you my dream"
Lovely. cheers

PattiKen said...

I could feel the passionate pull of the moon, reaching out and touching far across great distances and close, deep within. Lovely One Shot.

Desert Rose said...

@Dustus my dear means so much coming from you ha! you picked some of my favorite lines too..thank you :)

@Pattiken thank you Patti,so nice to have you around..its great to be at one shot guys..:)

Neva Flores said...

I love the picture you paint with your beautiful words........

signed...bkm said...

comparing your love to the city...nice descriptions intertwined - lovely...bkm

Desert Rose said...

@Neva thank you ,and i loved having you around always,i wanted to be a painter,so i decided to paint with my words all those paintings my brush couldn't reach out to..:)

@Signed...bkm it is his love that is my city grows on me,he is the one that touches in that deep..:)thanks for coming, you are most welcomed at my sanctuary dear..:)

Kim Williams said...

"I see you on the streets
hiding in my heartbeats
in my morning coffee steam
the night i share with you my dream"

i was capture with these words. wonderful emotive piece...

emily wierenga said...

you reshape my city... love this.

Teresa said...

You do have wonderful imagery in this poem. Excellent.

moondustwriter said...

I love the letters all the love and hope poured out that the reader can only imagine.

Another romantic One Shot - Thanks

Smiles from the Moon

Glynn said...

One's love wrapped inside the love of one's city or place, each overlapping the other. Nice one!

April said...

One word: Breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <oh and all those exclamation points too, lol ;) ~April

Beachanny said...

Ah, Love! To write a love poem, one must love and have been loved. Obviously you have managed to translate those ineffable emotions one feels into images and make the words play in a way so that the reader understands. Lovely love poem.

Graham said...

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Pete Marshall said...

i really enjoyed this...from a great start..
"that the distance
only makes me love you more
brings you closer
you are the sea,i am your shore" again exploded the pages with words of love..thanks for sharing..Pete

Magnus Holmgren said...

I love the way you describe's lovely! :)

Thanks for painting this beautiful picture for us.

Wild Rose said...

Desert Rose...I love our city its so beautiful and yet still maintains it's masculinity. He got all the love letters and one of them was A close to him too queen. xo

Wild Rose~

Anonymous said...

"I promise you'll be free
If your eyes will notice a more beautiful and desirable
You are free in their choice, I will let you
want, even to death, I will not touch a finger
you'll be free to do what you want,
Only come into me now "
- Said my heart, to your love ..
That was like bait, and then Your love,
went into my heart
Now your love inside me ..
you comfortable in my heart? Yes, I see .. Or you could write such precious words


Claudia said...

..hiding in my
really beautiful and passionate writing

Linda said...

Your words are so beautiful. One after another, they build into a perfect whole.

Eric Alder said...

What a love letter! Very warm, deep and thoughtful.

joanny said...



TALON said...

in your absence
within your existence" - I loved those lines. Such a beautiful poem!

Kavita said...

This was perfection! The emotions when one is in love have been so beautifully portrayed here!! I got goosebumps reading it, as images flashed in my mind... WOW!!!
This City where I live offers just the same .. as he does..

an AWESOME read!! Thanks for sharing this lovely poem, and for making me feel so fresh!! Ahaa.. invigorating!

Monkey Man said...

How very romantic. Beautiful poem.

Jenna said...

Bellissima! I love it all. So far these are my favorite lines: "you are the sea,i am your shore / you reshape my city / to shine in your gravity". Now excuse me, I must read this again (and again). ♥

CM said...

"here i am like a lunatic" true of deep love and how we act under it's spell!

Beautiful, this reminds me of the city I work for. It use to be romantic to me when i was a kid, but now after working in it for 15 years, I forgot how I use to feel it's presence and heartbeat. Thank you for this little reminder.

serenemusings said...


Anonymous said...

A great ode to obsessive love!

Fireblossom said...

I love this, from the little details (the red fish, the coffee steam) to the overwhelming interweaving of lover and city into one ubiquitous and sensual presence.

Desert Rose said...

Thank you all for your kind words and sweet comments,it means a great deal to happy you enjoyed my poem,feels great to have such amazing poets reading me and i am extremely touched with your love :)

dulce said...

Beautiful words here again!
and oh how I love that song... so meaningful and appropriate for this post

moondustwriter said...

Loved this the first time loved it more the second!

Thanks sweetie for your kind comments on my Moondustwriter Thursday

Love from the Moon

Nevine said...

Abeer, this piece read for me like a stream-of-consciousness. It was as if you penned the words straight from your heart without alteration. This type of honest writing I truly enjoy. There is something magical about it... always... because it penetrates the spirit.

Ramadan Kareem to you and enjoy our lovely city which is always more special during this month.



beautiful thoughts beautifully spoken beautifully shown, heard - and shared! thank you!

Desert Rose said...

@Dulce your words areas special as you are darling..thank you for stopping by and leaving your sweet fragrance around..big hug :)

@Moondustwriter such an honor to have this sweet comment from you Moon..thank you much appreciated from the Rose..;)

Desert Rose said...

@Gypsy Dear do have a way to reach my heart with your truly thankful to have you always by my side darling..:)

@Nevine it is from the heart..always straight from the heart..amazingly you are right,i never even embellished it or edited a word..somehow it came out as a raw a mad pulse of my endless passion..i feel my city just like i feel my love..eternally MINE..:)
Ramadan is not the same ya Nivo..everything changed,wa7eshny Ramadan bta33 zaman..:)

Nevine said...

I know what you mean about Ramadan not being the same. Yes, things have changed from when we were kids. I remember visiting during the summer and it was Ramadan and staying up all night at my grandmother's with my cousins... watching fawazeer and waiting for the mesa7araty to come around so we could throw cold water on him from our grandmother's balcony. He he he... we were little devils, but they were such good times. Maybe, hopefully, things will get back to the way they used to be... if we dream a little... yemken... ya rabb.

Big hugs to you, Abeer.


Desert Rose said...

Ah yes Nevine..i have almost the same memories in the house of grandma,my cousins and neighbours children..we used to hide with BOMB (local fireworks)to throw them on those who pass in the street at time of Iftar..and we used to hide pushing Dad there,he loved to play with us..hehe..nobody doubted the BG BOSS of course..;) ahhh..great times,but its all different now..people are gone,and my dad and i..we remember those times and smile..Masr 7elwa lessa..bas metghandara..;)

Anonymous said...

Im the surf and you are the beach...


Desert Rose said...


Temptress said...

Wonderful! Such a beautiful poem!

Wine and Words said...

Beautiful. I was gently pushed from memory to memory, relating from another planet the same ray of sun.

Desert Rose said...

@Words and wine thank you so much ,glad to have you around :)

@Temptress you brought a big smile to my face with your sweet comment! thank you..:)

Anonymous said...

Very neat. Nice flow.

kathew said...

wonderful imagery and words-wow.

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