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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The superhero
ruling in her fairytale
is the deified pharaoh
Who is savagely astonished
with his silence
Between two words
He plants his dots
in her land of thirst
His sharpened swords
are lethal drops
updated boards
of legalized shots
a little bit of sadism he is
painfully tempting
lovingly hurting
so right
as her black and white
too charmed
That she never asked
why is he like that
how can this wild seduction be kind
Resetting their damaged dreams on rewind
she just wanted to ask him
how he was..
but he knew,and Stole her question
in a sneaking in redemption
Between two hesitating smiles
wrapping the question around his neck
back to his silence
inspecting his elegance
with a sighing sentence
questions are mostly a decent trap
to which we drag the others to a more complicated state
Refilled with honest resistance
To the truth
One day he said,
"Don't ask
just know...
I smile the truth"
that day she learned her lesson well
she knew she was all he has to tell
tried to invent a new language for him
one without question marks
expecting only answers to design her own
only then she would add the question marks
or even exclamation ones
that would mainly turn into
admiration lines of full stops.
He never said anything
Except one of his definite words
She didn’t understand how
Only silence between two words
Can make that effect on her chaos
How can that desire be inflamed ?
With an exhausted look that lazily climbed
Her murmuring flesh
incensed and fresh
Turning wherever it passes her fire on
With one word she puts it all back in place
She knows that love doesn’t think
Has no memory
It doesn’t benefit from it's earlier stupidity
Not even from those tiny disappointments
That once created its major sadness
Despite of it all
She forgave him, happy with her defeat
Inspected at his feet
Like a shaking sparrow
In a rainy winter night.


Wild Rose said...

"To the truth
One day he said,
"Don't ask
just know...
I smile the truth"

Beautiful lines you got me there...

Darling his vows were right there for you sip them deep inside. Yet truth be told he's painfully tempting, legally lethal and so lovingly hurting but he never forgets how to satisfy his lovers, he does it so well we're hooked. We don't need words just his silent mourns define everything in his queens, will do my best to be back and promise xoxo~

Desert Rose said...

Waiting for you my lovely you brought back my smile,this is the spirit darling! hugging you real tight XOXO

yes,he EXTREMELY does it SO well ;)

TALON said...

A man of few words and a poetess who expresses them beautifully.

alex-ness said...

fantastically written.

Brian Miller said...

a fantastic write...i like my moments of silence but i need someone that will communicate not make me feel like i am filling that gap...i dunno this one may be a struggle for me...nice one shot...

moondustwriter said...

Tantalizing this man who bruises her soul. He doesn't need to say a word he trapped her without it.


thanks for sharing with One Shot

Moon Smiles

signed...bkm said...

this type of man is lethal - careful the stepping in - always know where the door is... lovely write on love...bkm

Bill Cook said...

Love the rhythm and flow of the narrative. I'm not sure if I find the hero attractive or fearful. You've successfully generated that tension. - Bill

KB said...

This is a wonderful write. Thanks for visiting mine earlier.

Chris G. said...

Wonderfully writ! Fine rhythm, combined with a story that just flows effortlessly. Good, good stuff.

Fear this creature called hero...

ninotaziz said...

Dear Desert Rose, I come back to your blog, really thirsty for your satiny words. And I am now satiated until the next post.

At the end of the day, it is words of love and the sensual that move us the most.

For is it not true that all the other beings envy us this the most?

buttercup said...

I loved the word flow, a wonderful poem but am not sure about him. As always I find coming here a wonderful and warm experience. Sending you love my friend xx

annell said...

Really nice. I am thinking "tender" which is one of my favorite words.

Anonymous said...

I want to be your super hero....


Dulce said...

Does this hero exist?

...She knows that love doesn’t think
Has no memory

Lovely poetry here always!

Desert Rose said...

@Talon the poetess is nothing with his words..:)

@Alexsness gratefully appreciating your comment Alex,thank you

@Brian miller yes,it is a struggle..but a lovely one always thanks Brian :)

Desert Rose said...

@moondustwriter the rose is smiling back to the moon..thank you Leslie,love having you around always :)

@signed...bkm thank you bkm,wish it was that simple tho..:)

@Bill cook he is ALL there is to be in a man..only hiding behind a few words and a smile..:)

Desert Rose said...

@KB thank you,it was my pleasure :)

@ChrisG thank you Chris,it is that mysterious side of him that brings it all out..:)

@Ninotaziz ahhh very well said nino,how sweet are your made me smile with total joy now thank you :)

Desert Rose said...

@buttercup thank you dear one,so touched with your words..:)

@annell somehow i had this word on my mind when i wrote it..tender is what it is all about dear..:)

@Sir Thomas ...he is the love and the whole..:)

Desert Rose said...

@Dulce He does..;)

SuziCate said...

So many fabulous lines I don't know where to start. I love this. Thank you for sharing!

Timoteo said...

On love: "it doesn't benefit from its earlier stupidity." I love that! And how true.

And the last two lines of this poem are so stunning...they take your breath away.

Pete Marshall said...

again you well written with the subtle rhymsms...thanks for sharing pete

Pete Marshall said...

did my comment take?? this was a wonderful crafted piece, cheers pete

Eric Alder said...

All hail Pharoah! (LOL)

Nice work, D.R.

Claudia said...

i think lots of men do not like if a woman asks too many questions…great flow in your poem desert rose

Carrie Burtt said...

Desert Rose this is both captivating and beautiful...your poetry is truly lovely! :-)

John's comments said...

You see some of us are really cool! Thanks for dropping by to read my poem. Hope your week goes well

Anonymous said...

This is simply beautiful! I'm very impressed and shall return to your site again.
Kindest Wishes,

Anonymous said...

i smile at the pic ... then feel lost in the words .. as soon as i recover, the video drowns me again into the magic this blog is !!!

briliant :)

Monkey Man said...

Few words many times speaks volumes. Beautifully captured piece.

Desert Rose said...

@Claudia true,sometimes they speak their silence out :)

@Carrie burtt thank you carrie,it is lovely to have you around dear :)

@John's comments thank you john,you are right your blog is too cool alright :))

Desert Rose said...

@Suzicate thank you Suzi, it is a consumer that one..i agree :)

@Tim it means a lot coming from you Tim,thank you..:)

@Pete Marshall thank you Pete,it is so sweet of you,yes two comments are great ,blogger is so generous ha :))

@Eric Alder Pharaoh jai ho ;)

Anonymous said...

We all need our moments of silence.. but sometimes, even those are meant to shared with another...
Poor lady.. all she knew was her love for him.. what he gave or took from her in return, was something she never really bothered herself with.. wow! That's unconditional love.. but is there really such a thing? Or was she too tired in the end? I guess I will never know for sure..

Such an amazingly well written poem, Desert Rose.. Hats off to you!!!

Anonymous said...

Stellar. Just stellar.

She aches to fall on the sword of his fierce presence.

L.L. Barkat said...

I loved that part about the stealing of a question. I can just feel the vacuum left in its place...

Anonymous said...

there is a dark side to relationships. man, where someone can love someone so much that he or she just gets walked all over.

Good Post,


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