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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rainbow princess...

She wanted a story
before going to bed
a glass of milk in hand
i had a long way ahead
in her mind
a journey of my own
she rules my moments
with her overwhelming embrace
her little thoughts,
we enjoy to chase
It is my princess speech time
go on darling,rhyme
on her toes
sweet kisses she blows
"when i grow up
i want to be a star
the one that shines around the moon"
why a star sweetheart?
"they live so far
why do you want to be apart?"
i said
she smiled at me
ran to the window
"I want to touch the sunshine rainbow
you always say
everyone who goes away
turns into a twinkling star
we will all go there one day
I just hope they have some candy
all my teddies and my cat Randy
I would take them all along
you can come and sing your song
I love your voice"
I had no choice
but to hold her tight
kiss her curls
how she was right
inviting her smile to my face
she cuddled tenderly in my arms
the world stops at her charms
hiding both our heads in a book
covered in bed pupils turning in a look
we wished the moon a sweet night
blowing her kisses to the dancing stars
in her prayer,she asked for the rainbow
to come and color her day with joy
by her side i arranged my dreams
switching the light off
i heard the droplets of rain
softly knocking on the little glass window,
tomorrow we will both see the rainbow.

This piece is inspired by the beautiful princess in my life my niece. she brings sunshine to my nights. to you Bella all aunty's love :)


Anonymous said...

Loves it... Very moving. Great One Shot! Love and Light, Sender

Maureen said...

Lovingly tender. You capture her innocence and sweetness well.

Timoteo said...

"She asked for the rainbow to come and color her day with joy." I always find at least one line in your poems that touches me deeply, makes me smile, or just say WOW!

Wild Rose said...

Oh beautiful inspiration for the sweet princess, you know how much i love kids and you know she's also special to me even if she's your niece. My princess loves it and sends her hugs to you, says thanks for asking her to read it :)) Now she sends a little intsy kiss to your niece and a big pooh bear hug. She says she'll come see her in Egypt soon. Love it darling queen~ xoxo

Wild Rose~

Nevine said...

Abeer, what a beautiful dedication to your no doubt lovely niece. And how touching and inspiring are your words. I hope you read this poem to her, because I'm sure it will make her feel like cotton candy inside. I know what it is to be a rainbow lover... oh, how I know. A dreamer for life, she will be. And with you as an aunt, she will also dream poetry.

Wishing you 3id sa3id. Kol sana winty tayyeba! ;-) Muah!


Brian Miller said...

what a magical moment you captured there with the little one...i love to sit with my boys and hear their explanations of things...they still see the magic that we sometimes lose...but you caught it here...nice one shot!

dustus said...

Beautiful poem and a wonderful dedication. Very touching to discover it was written for your niece. Personal poems like this are great reminders of what's truly important, love and family :) Cheers

One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers & Artists said...

Children have such precious ways of addressing life. I wouldn't mind facing rainbows and stars- certainly the candy is an extra!!!
hope life for you is rainbows, stars and moons

Love from one Moon

Dulce said...

tears in my eyes you Rose!

I tell my son how good it is when they pass away, for they can become whatever they like... and knowing he can become a dinosaur and then change again into whatever and fly from one place to another as fast as the light...

How beautiful it is to believe
Shame we little by litte so easily lose hope and faith...
but still can tell them stories...

amazing post Lady!



Neva Flores said...

Tore at my heart strings this one did......All I could think of was my little granddaughter......wonderful!

KB said...

She is adorable.Love this poem too.

Emmanuel Ibok said...

Sweet work you did here. I feel the connectivity in your words. A lovely way to tell someone you love them. Cheers.

Beachanny said...

This work had lovely imagery and tenderness. Capturing those moments of childhood, always precious, for they are so fleeting more for them even than for us. Telling them things are often lost in the rush of growing up; so much more meaningful that she'll always have this to read. Thank you. Gay

SuziCate said...

Lovely. Children are so sweet and loving, they teach us so much about what is important in life.

TALON said...

What a tender and beautiful poem. Absolutely full of love.

Desert Rose said...

@senderupwords thank you sender,nice to have you around..:)

@Maureen she is a loving inspiration to me,somehow we reach each other well..thank you Maureen..:)

@Timoteo it is my pleasure that even one line of my poem would touch you deeply Tim..honored :)

Desert Rose said...

@wild rose
ohh sweet Wild Rose,give her my kisses and biggest pooh hugs,she is always welcome and we will get her all the fun when she comes,her friend here sends her sweet kisses too..:)

Desert Rose said...

every time you come to me here a lovely smile shines on my face, she is too incredible and we spend lots of quality time together,in fact the best time of my day..weird,if i had a girl i donno if i would enjoy her as much..kol sana wenty taieba ya 2amaraya..Eid sa3id 3aliky ya 7abibti..:) big tight hug..:)

Desert Rose said...

@Brian Miller yes it was quitea moment Brian,i love being around children..they pour their wisdom wrapped in smiling kind of joy..:)

@Dustus actually i read it to her,she loved it..went all day telling everyone about it and brought me a chocolate that we both shared..:)

@onestoppoetry thank you Moon..indeed they are,plus the candy too..;)

signed...bkm said...

this is a wonderful sweet dreams piece of innocence...may all little princesses have such sweet dreams....bkm

Desert Rose said...

@Dulce awww dulce,your comment touched me darling..God bless you n him..and inshaallah you will live long enough for him ..hugs tight..:)

@Neva flores they are all too adorable at that age,childhood only brings innocence and joy..:)
God bless all of them..

@KB thank you KB,she is..:)

Desert Rose said...

@Emmanuel lbok i do connect with her so much,i will give it to her she wants to hang it in her room..:)thank you for your sweet words..:)

@Beachanny thank you Bea,i hope she will always keep it in her heart..:)

@Suzicate yes they do ..they are full of wisdom indeed..:)

@Talon thank you Talon,your words mean a lot to me..:)

Glynn said...

The child's voice is right; the child's way of thinking is right, too. Enjoyed readig this.

suja said...

Lovely..a big hug to sweet Bella :)

Avram Marian - Gabriel ( Graham ) said...

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chamiechamz said...

lovely poem ;)

Eric Alder said...

This was wonderfully sweet in so many ways. It really touches your heart.

(And that little girl is adorable!)

Leo said...

oh Rose, this was.. just so beautiful.. loving, caring.. emotional.. a little one in life makes a joy, no matter a niece or nephew or even a neighbor's kid :) loved the poem

My One Shot


what a beautiful beautiful piece, dear rose! simply lovely in all ways - and what a beautiful little princess who has such a magnificent auntie!! what a pair, you two!

Chris G. said...

Oh my goodness, what an adorable photograph!

As for the poem...beautiful. You have captured innocence here, and brought it to the fore with tender love and care. A perfect dedication.

Wonderful One Shot!

annell said...

Oh, so sweet! Little girls are sugar and spice!

Pete Marshall said...

this so reminded me of my evening, every night, tucking my daughter to bed...she has such a mind, big wide eyes, a zest for life and so likes to chat...a beautiful poem..thanks for sharing pete

Lu Ann said...

Very moving.
A very beautiful and tender princess indeed!

Desert Rose said...

@Glynn she is always right glynn..thank you for reading..:)

@suja thank you darling,will convey the hug for sure..:)

@chamiechamz thank you for the nice words..:)
@Eric adler she is Eric,totally adorable! thank you..:)

Desert Rose said...

@leo thank you leo,i enjoy listening to her talking,we have fun together..thank you for stopping by..:)

@gypsywoman thank you Gypsy,you bring lots of joy with you ..hugs tight..:)

@chris.G thank you chris,so much humbled ..:)

Desert Rose said...

@annell yes they are indeed..:) sweet n spicy..:)

@lu ann thank you lu,she is happy with the poem too..:)

@Pete marshall i bet she has her daddy 's smart mind and great imagination..she must be a sweetheart Pete,bedtime is always a struggle, that i know by now..:))
thank you n kiss her for me..:)

Anonymous said...

Awww...this was the most sweetest thing!!
Innocent children.. who can EVER beat that?!?!

To lil kids, and to their rainbows!!
LOVED this delightful piece, Desert Rose...

Donusho said...

wow, this was so sweet in a sense how you captured a tender moment. i feel all warm inside. I want to be a star too now! Wonderful.

Fireblossom said...

Merciful God, your blog takes me a long time to load, because of the videos, I think. But I just had to come back (I read the poem last night) and comment on this sweet gem of a poem. "The world stops at her charms." Truly it is



Cor said...

Beautiful poem. I loved the innocent truth of a young heart coming out in the poem. It flowed nicely and it is simply a lovely poem. Great one shot addition.

Carrie Burtt said...

Desert Rose this is so heart warming and beautiful...a child's perspective and ways of sharing their thoughts are always such a gift of joy and wisdom in our lives. This is truly lovely!

Anonymous said...

this is lovely...Thank you for sending me hugs on my Little Pea poem. I feel your tenderness and honesty like a real embrace after reading this poem!

Claudia said...

oh this is just so sweet - sounds like you're having a great time together - and i love how you put that moments in such beautiful words - lovely

Anonymous said...

this was touching . Sweet , warm , sunshine bright !! oh .. the lines just made me go Awww !!!

Desert Rose said...

@Kavizions thank you true,they are never to be beaten..:))

@Donusho that was very sweet comment Don, me too..i told her i want to be a star too..she said yes,you can join me.;)

@fireblossom love having you around always darling,sorry the blog takes long time to load,perhaps the videos yes, still you are welcomed anytime dear one..:)

Desert Rose said...

@Carrie Burtt thank you carrie..warm hugs your way..:)

@lovelyannie79 always welcomed my little pea..honored with your friendship..:)

@claudia thank you claudia..i so much enjoyed yours too! great blog darling..:))

@ladynimue so glad you enjoyed it much appreciated sweet one..:)

joanny said...

Enchanting, magical, words, your niece must be precious wanting a rainbow to color her world. Loved the video too. the whole post was refreshingly innocent.


Kay said...

what an adorable picture...

and the 'moment' with your niece...well, the very best of smiles, love and cuddles come from those little ones (sigh)

Isn't it great being an auntie? :)

alex said...

Beautiful great read!!!!!

Desert Rose said...

@Joanny she is too adorable joanny..i really enjoy my time with her..thank you sweet one..:))

@Kay all my moments with her worth recording kay,i would really love to put them all into words..:)

joanny said...

Desert Rose:

Thank you for the visit, my dear one,
your poetry makes me smile, you make life a beautiful thing through your beguiling words.



lovely rose - just to let you know you are being thought of - hope your today is holding you gently - hugs - gypsy

हेमंत कुमार ♠ Hemant Kumar said...

It's really very emotional,heart touching and well written post --i liked it.
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I hope you will come and injoy this blog---because it's absolutely dedicated for childrens.

Scented Leaf said...

Beautiful poem. Is nice to believe in rainbow...

Anonymous said...

beautiful... this is the piece I like the most of yours... Sunshine, rainbow and stars for the little princess... :D

Nithin R S said...

Nice poem. I thought its about your daughter. Well, you have a way with words.

well i have a poem on rainbow prince.

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