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Friday, September 3, 2010

To the photo frame...

She wrote few notes
replied to an awaited E-mail
now the boat is ready to sail
"ah..i love this dress
but will they let me make a mess?
I would love to marvel you one day
you know,i am too good this way"
she addressed his photo frame
kissed it tenderly
caressing the glass
this too shall pass
she closed her eyes now
letting one tear flow
"here..i almost forgot
your soft breeze
reaching my spot
of safety
no matter how far
you live in me
i have you there"
pointing to her heart
"we are never apart
it is just a small procedure
will be back soon
that is what i said to the moon
when she promised curling around
your trembeling skin
every night she will hide you within
carrying my sparkling light
to you
your break through
celebrating our love
every night
my vampire knight
wait for me still
in our sanctuary,divined"
his face almost shined
with a tender smile
in the wooden frame
nothing is anymore the same
then she opened the door
smiling to the moon
dragging her suitcase
on her way to the hospital.

YOU are our strength love YOU.

This one is dedicated to my lovely soul mate..may she comes back safe to us,we all love you are in our prayers..she is the wild rose we all miss.


joanny said...

As always, love your poem, and adored the video, the words, were very true- powerful really much like the way you express your self through your poetry.

I hope all is well.

Wishing you a good day, and a wonderful week end Desert Rose with much love in it.


Dulce said...

Lovely tribute
love love it
Sad it is, but perfect

Wishing you both all the best!

Kay said...

a lovely ode..

Wild Rose said...

"Her, Him & She"

He said,
I will love you forever no matter what,
I will kiss your lips every chance,
I will make you laugh even when you can’t smile,
I will hold you when you cry,
I will stand by your side for as long as it takes...

She said...I will love you even when we age,
Nobody can take the love I have for you away,
She replied...
I will make sure this is forever,
I will return your kiss with a loving heart,
I will make you laugh when you are down,
The only tears you will have are tears of laughter,

Her vows were etched in stone to stand with them through their troubles,
To still love them when they aged,
Her love forever staying
tripled in three.

He held them within and said...
I love the colour on my canvas
the stroke of your brushes
the passion of your focus
My Ebony on Ivory...Us~

I cried when i read this it's beyond my heart and if i said i love you too it may not be enough my sweet Desert Rose but i do love you both immensely. Thank you my darling soul-mate!! And this bond is forever ours...Us~

Your Wild Rose/@LarvK

Anonymous said...

i m not sunshine.. never was.. never will..sunshine is ur big heart..
tc urself

Neva Flores said...

Absolutely perfect, enjoyed this post!

Anonymous said...

To me this poem seeps into my soul and wants to dwell there forever.. I love the top picture as it sparks feelings of love in me for more then just the person but the place and time also. I loved this…

Desert Rose said...

@Joanny i am truly blessed to have met you joanny,really you touch my heart with your sweetness..thank you,yes all is definitely going to be long as we have each other..:)

@Dulce you sweet one,love having you with me Dulce,i feel your words..thank you :)

@Kay when i read your lines..i feel truly there kay,thank you :)

Desert Rose said...

@wild rose
you don't know how much you touch me..
you just don't know how much i have inside..
I am totally speechless
tears rolling silently
loved reading you here,like i saw my wish coming true the minute i asked for it..thank you for holding on,you mean more then anything to me beautiful rose..

Her, Him & she
soul mates forever
and more
hugs real tight.

Desert Rose said...

@Neva flores thank you for the kind words Neva..means a lot to me :)

@Sir Thomas you reached it,i picked thatphoto for it has always been a favorite to me..gentle toes pressing on i see are there Sir ;)


to her him and she, a magnificent thing to behold even for us from so far away - but there in spirit and in caring - jenean

umapoems said...

Lovely tritube....very beautifully written

Far-Rock said...

What more should I say...Ur poems left no words in my mind..As usual of perfection.....take you to d voyage across sweet dreamland.. where one can only wish dat not to bounce back in reality!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute, wellness so wished for. Your words are spectacular!


just dropping by to say hello, dear rose!

Anonymous said...

whoa. mysterious, intriguing, raw and beautiful. just like you. :-)

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