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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just imagine...

you and me
the ones we dream to be
melting like flavored ice-creams
in our kingdom of dreams
deliberately delicious
randomly lubricious
just you and me
flying in the everywhere
landing on our ecstasy
laying in our own nest
nurturing the breeze
enjoying the rest
just imagine
it was only a blink away
that we are never that faraway
and we would sink in our joy
break the world like a rusty toy
adventurous kids
tearing away the bids
lets play
the game has just begun
ours is the only way
as i always imagine
you are my Peter Pan
you are the hero and the man
coloring my plain life sheets
with your wildest palette
arranging all my lines on reset
for my imaginable fun.
the road is ours, as we run
you are my sun
and the daring moon face
your craving demons i would chase
me, that late night riddle
you desperately try to solve
you, my long lasting giggle
that your lips tenderly dissolve
let me be that shoulder
you lean upon when you need to cry
let me be that whisper
that you silently slip in a roaring sigh
wrap me around your weakened spots
let me be the sound of your helpless shots
sketch on me, your wildest lines
as in your eyes, i read my signs
let's take off where our madness leads
weave my dreams with your colorful beads

feel my hand
around your fall
greet the stage
bow to our storming rage
wave to your spectacular audience
my eyes,your lips,our madness
listen to your soul
moaning as i pour within
I am your virtue and the sin
our hell becomes
enchanting heaven
just close your eyes for a second
and just imagine
there are no longer you and me
no more separating numbers,
just us, melting in the One.


alex-ness said...

amazing! I'd like to imagine!

anthonynorth said...

So very mystical, this one. Beautiful.

Gabriela Abalo said...

love the poem and the pictures. Just beautiful

Anonymous said...

it sings like a hymn from the soul builds and finishes strongly

Brian Miller said...

i am your virtue and the sin...yep, with lines like that ... the riddle to that too...i think i will just keep imagining...smiles. nice one shot!

Timoteo said...

I now look forward to picking out that one or two lines of yours to quote--the ones I feel are so exquisite.(Not always easy to do among the many delicious lines.) This time it's:

"You, my long lasting giggle/ that your lips tenderly dissolve."

Love it!

Beachanny said...

This has a kind of lightness something like whipped cream. It moves as I imagine flying dipping in the air lighting occasionally and then flying again. That's quite a verbal feat. Thanks, Gay (@beachanny)

Anonymous said...

As always, such a beauty of your words, always sets such a lovely perception in passionate manners. Well done, love the blend as a dream...a daydream maybe too =))

Maureen said...

Such an interesting mix of lines. Some I especially like: "deliberately delicious", "coloring my plain life sheets/ with your wildest palette", "arranging all my lines on reset", and, as Timoteo notes, "my long lasting giggle/that your lips tenderly dissolve".

Amanda said...

You always take our breath away with your creativity and craft of words. Amazing my friend...I love this place so much!! Many hugs xxx

Carrie Burtt said...

Desert Rose this is dilightful...i love it! :-)

Mansoor Zia said...

it's our dream world, and we will imagine our dreams, soon to be true.
Beautiful one Beero

SuziCate said...

just us, melting in the One.

gautami tripathy said...

Love flows from it..

ode to un-punctuated verses

dustus said...

"deliberately delicious
randomly lubricious"

passionate brilliance captured in poetic lines

Teresa said...

This is great! Your poetry is always so emotional and rich with imagery.

Wild Rose said...

Just imagine me in your study room blushing sincere
and chocolate prismatic in character reflecting in
your soul every spectrum of our dreams and direct in my bosom
as you sit there reveling in my love and thoughts thereof
Finding yourself fending for my bold flavor through language
as if Spice were today’s events and tomorrow we shall toast to sweetness
There shall be no lavish perhaps sinful satisfaction
because my feet are placed states apart from yours
But you feel your heart still release itself further from you and
closer to me,
With each breath, you childishly mutter in my direction
Like a wild wolf you cry for my affection

Just imagine us in deep water, warm and soothing,
And it feels oh so fine, indeed Devine. Bubbling away into each other...
Come my sweet Scorpio, my darling man,
Take my hand, hold tight and close your eyes
Let’s go back there, to where you are mine.
Just remember then, my sweet love,
The first time, way back when we met.
How your gaze never left me, how I held you in thrall,
And I did a double take, to drink in the full measure of you.
How strange and beautiful is life, with it's twists and turns,
That I still hold you in that moment
where you tease, tantalize, torture and thrill me
Oh so sweetly. in our sanctuary on your feet as
We two, in anticipation, wet and wanting.
Hearts beating...Minds spinning...Planning our next move,
Not wishing to break this enchanting spell.
Slipping into our dream,
we go to the dark gods
pledge ourselves
in love-bound commune
baptized in our fire and flames
this sacrament of flesh and soul steals our minds
for but a moment carries us away as we fall into our dreams of lace and darkness
Where all we want we get
...our Kingdom of dreams Shah~

Darling queen, it was beautiful felt enchanting like being in a magical land of fairies and dragons then the second stanza got more realistic. I loved that you used the Rihanna video I sent you and him, indeed such dreams are only for us and him and how he fulfills them, i even melted in the ice-cream as it so happened that i was eating it when i read this beautiful piece babe muah love ~:) xoxo

signed...bkm said...

lovely romantic images...bkm

CM said...

The love so strong, yet provocative. Every line is art!

TALON said...

You have a way of just making me slip into another time and place, Desert Rose. And it's a place I don't want to leave!

KB said...

The ones we dream to that!

Shashi said...

Your poetry did what you said in the verse... "melting like flavored ice-creams" Beautifully written and the emotions are soft and raw at the same time.. great imagery.. Loved the ending.

"let's take off where our madness leads
weave my dreams with your colorful beads"

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

Connect with me at Twitter to get one verse everyday of love, longing and life... @VerseEveryDay

Glynn said...

The fine use of color and drawing and art and love and ice cream! This is well done, well done indeed.

Anonymous said...

Without fail your one shots amaze me every week. I love so many lines in this I don't even know where to start. Wonderful one shot. Love and Light, Sender

Anonymous said...

Like dipping a toe in a warm, clear ocean. And seeing the many worlds swimming beneath.

joanny said...

A most passionate soul you are to weave such deep meaningful and delicious lyrical line after line....
A delight you are. Your imagination spills over with love.


Jingle said...

full of sentiments and beauty,
love the flow.
excellent poem!

Claudia said...

…arranging all my lines on reset…peter pan...melting like flavored ice-creams…such beautiful imagery in here!

Eric Alder said...

Dreamy and romantic... nice piece!

Anonymous said...

You have taken me that place...where nothing else exists but two lovers riding the highest wave of an ecstasy I cannot even name or fathom. The photography enhances the aura of your verse. I think you should write romance novels :)

John's comments said...

I always enjoy reading yours as the language and imagery flow. Thanks for reading and commenting on my poem. Hope your week goes well.

G-Man said...

You definately capture the true essence of Passion.
Loved the video..
You Rock Baby.....G

Dulce said...

Oh my Goddess... you woman know about love and passion as noone... at least know how to express it in the most beautiful of words...line by line I meslt in your dream or reality. whatever that IS ...just BEAUTIFUL and no sin that's d be!

tuberider said...

very cool! definitely see the Persian rolling rhyme & flow in your words. I'm big fan of Rumi & Hafiz.

Monkey Man said...

Romantic and sensual.

Pete Marshall said...

again i felt the passion, the love, the warmth, the wanting, the....thats it...enough said...a great one shot...pete

moondustwriter said...

love the image of no separation - just one. What a romantic journey

Thanks for the alluring One Shot

Moon Smile


all has already been said here, dear lady! beautifully said and executed! wonderful!

Anonymous said...

this one is really different from all your other works... the others have been I would call full of lust...
But this one was passioately in love... beautiful and mystical :)

Caribbean Fool said...

Very sensual poem. Word choice was very strong, brings to mind very clear pictures. Slick poem all the way around, very enjoyable.

हेमंत कुमार ♠ Hemant Kumar said...

It's really very attractive and romantic poetry....well expression.iliked it.
Please visit my blog also...

PattiKen said...

You had me at "ice creams." Your poetry just oozes passion.

Nithin R S said...

The images were so romantic.and the narration just took me to another world. Really beautiful poem.Your partner is very lucky to have such a romantic girl with him :)

Anonymous said...

so passionate and full of love. it leaps off the screen...

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