Always on My Mind you baby...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

At the airport...

I opened my heart
to your sunshine
yes,you are that mine
I kissed your every inch
in my mind
sitting on that wooden bench
replaying the whole scene on rewind
embracing your fragrance
around the breeze
the minutes don't pass
as my feet hold the grass
I ran
followed by the sun
wearing your arrival
exposing my arousal
the time consumed my patience
Then, i reached the crowd
heartbeats racing loud
I got you a rose
rising on my toes
wish i was taller
to see you first
wish i was closer
to hold you tight

then the air suddenly lightened
butterflies twirling enlightened
in my eyes
I didn't know if i was still alive
that moment i saw you arrive
your steps invaded my silence
like i see my every night dream come true
i didn't realize what should i do
three words stuck in my throat
this craving "I love you..."
then i screamed them loud
with all my guts
they thought i was nuts
your silky hair invited
my fingers to sink within
lighting on a cigarette
in a circle of smoke
you spoke
in a minute
i became all ears
hardly i could stop two tears
of joy
I stood there
you were everywhere
in me
droped the pen
and the paper
your eyes felt safer
to hide within
I just didn't know
heaven was so beautiful
waves of shivers flow
paralyzing my existence
but in a moment i was smashed
as your eyes fell on me
your smile was dancing for me
I was shaking
the world was shaking
when you stepped out of the circle
riding your warming whisper
in your hands i found my shelter
they were warm and cuddly
in your arms i rested happily
you caressed my trembling locks
your scent
musk and sandalwood
the whole world stood
"yes,i will"
I replied
as you asked
will you be alright?

they asked you to go
I felt that raw
and as the crowd split
the rose was still in my hand
so i kept running
and called your name
as if you knew
you turned in hue
"here, just for you"
closer to your nose
that aristocratic nose i adore
smiling once more
your opened arms
supplied my life with warmth
forever and more
I got to touch your hair
keeping you inside my everywhere
I heard your heartbeats chasing mine
I am living you, my sunshine
your lips on my face
blew me out of my space
"I will keep the rose"
you said
"and you,
keep the heart."


Fireblossom said...

So...are you sure you like this guy? ;-)

Loved the ending!

Desert Rose said...

i am sure it is way more then love, stronger then faith and way beyond all mere facts in the world..:)
thank you darling for your stopping by..much love your way :)

Jingle said...

hot images,
magical poetry.

Tofyta said...

As usual Awesome .. i"m happy too & love him alot .. thnx bebo for that poem .. Great poem .. thnx allah for his safety .. mwaaaaaaaah
love u bebo <3

Wild Rose said...

This is beautiful, loved your welcoming him totally worth it you know queen...He felt it too that man of ours haha...muah darling xoxo :))

joanny said...


This blew me away, a magical moment and a magical poem, I too loved the ending, but hopeful and incurable romantic am I -- maybe there will be more moments shared ....

Warmest hugs,

Anonymous said...

this feeling, oh I can hear the music in my head. It sings to the high heavens...

to be so in love...

Desert Rose said...

@Tofyta thank you tofy..he is all over my heart and mind..yes thank God for his safety may he always be safe wherever he is..:)

thank you dear one for the sweet comment..:)

Desert Rose said...

@Wild Rose

ahhh know this man of ours is forever IN..ha! love you darling for eternity it is..

@Joanny always love having you in my sanctuary sweet one, i am a hopeless romantic too i guess, lots of love your way sweety :)

Desert Rose said...

@SirThomas SO in love that heavens are singing the melodies of his heartbeats in mine..thank you for being that special friend you are..:)

moondustwriter said...

A wonderful scene - you portrayed him like a hero or a rock star - a moment of worship

Thanks for the excellent One Shot

I love each piece you write so full of amour

Moon Smiles


so wonderful to be back in the sanctuary of your magnificent lovewords, dear lady! magical!!!

Asobime said... carried me all the way through with your sentiment.

Powerful, strong stuff.

Thank you!

Lady Nyo

June_Butterfly said...

So Sweet!Can feel the love and the longing all over!!

A Lovely One-Shot!!So Romantic!

Anonymous said...

one of your most remarkable talents is to present the complications of the human emotions without shrinking from the task, and without faltering even for one line. i love how this poem has a story in it...

Morgan Lee said...

So very beautifully written!

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