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Monday, October 25, 2010


He is that nasty
That beautiful Gangster
holding guns in his deep pockets
taking lives with dancing bullets
Hiding behind a dark Ray-Ban
keeping the child
exposing the man
playing with life rated toys
living these fantasies of growing up boys
enjoying the game
of the rational nonsense
claiming the fame
of his defeated resistance
at her sight
roaming his mind
for one more rewind
to get her close
to the one he once was
but then his laughter cracks
there are no come-backs
It is a non-stop tune
that is on a shuffle
his infinite struggle
with that daring Him
and that frightened Him
the child-man is having fun
Holding the moon and melting the sun
In her eyes
his time flies
for seconds
he is her vampire knight
sucking his life out of her night
then he gets bored
his agony roared
but she is still his weakening strength
arranging all his vulnerability
upon her lips
he strikes
all his wits
inviting her bits
to recollect in his fits
her presence hits
all his toughness
in the heart
that part
is still in flesh
pumping this nagging flood
that pours life in blood
and her name
his mind is in a shame
but it is never the same
when she is that around!
his silence is nothing but her sound
he is where she is found
brushing all his skills
the time comes for his demons pills
counting the dreams in that little boy's eyes
he mastered the art of smiling lethal allebyes

His danger calls him
for one more trip
Her thunder drags him
arousing on her tip
Car-sequence haunting
flying off that 300ft building
He makes them all in cold blood
charming death,
to sit and watch
giving birth to his seventh life
In her arms
the child in him still enjoys cartoons
craving for that candy and some balloons
yet His anxious urge
is soon to emerge
and he is back
again in black
riding his extremes
flashing his own beams
within her eyes
He knows it by now
whenever it is the time,
it is only by her side
that gentle whisper
rubbing his scars
that soft and tender
carving her initials
on the walls of his darkness
humming, at that shivering gush
the beast in him, would actually blush..
at her touch..
bringing all his pains home
taming his bewildered syndrome
of fear
so near
just like the breeze
with his own aroma
driving his mind on a high speed wheel
His frontiers of Steele
keep her safe
inside that fresh part
that nobody knows about
In his heart
Sarcastically smiling,
pressing the engine to the maximum burn.


Eric Alder said...

Ladies just love a bad boy. (Kinda makes me disappointed I'm a good guy)

Dulce said...

My dear friend,
I could select every single line to tell you your gift always leaves me astonished... But that would be too long a comment and unfortunately I have not the time...
So i chose these
*Holding the moon and melting the sun
In her eyes
his time flies
for seconds
he is her vampire knight*
Because (as the rest) i could not have done, described it better.
You peotess of love and passion, thanks so much for sharing your talent!

Anonymous said...

God bless You.
Be happy,please

Claudia said...

this reads very fast paced - just like the kind of man you're writing about..well done

joanny said...

Eric is right -- we do love the 'bad boys, but this one you always pen so beautifully about seems so "right".

This was a very "james bond" style poem and once again very lyrical, I got caught up in the drama and fast pace of your staccato words, and delicious images and videos, and I am suppose to be writing a grant proposal --- but I just wanted to touch basis with one of my favorites poets and a lovely rose.


Timoteo said...

A carnival of delight...a rollicking roller coaster replete with cotton candy...what a ride you take me on!

Asobime said...

Great rhythm.....great urban rap here. Or could be.

Lady Nyo

SuziCate said...

Oooh he's a bad boy all right! Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a child man...well done...very riveting...loved it;)

Brian Miller said...

whew...a little action adventure..a little romance...they both can get a little steamy....smiles. evocative as always...

Gabriela Abalo said...

Bad boys are tempting :)

great ride!

Chris G. said...

Delightful. Very stirring. As the others have noted, ladies do seem to have that affection for the bad boys. Great flow to the piece--very nice.

Tammy said...

Fast and furious. Fantastic!

June_Butterfly said...

There's just something tempting about cool bad guys.Is it the masochists in us?Ot the motherly side of us women.I guess we will never know.One thing's for sure.This one's a cool post.

The pics are cool,too.Cool guy you have there.

Arts Web Show said...

Your poetry is very impressive.
That guy sure does sound like someone you dont want to cross. lol

Anonymous said...

Beautifully kinetic pacing - the poem breathes with its own life. I loved the staccato rhythm.

G-Man said...

You have such a 'HOT' under tone in everything you write...:-)

tuberider said...

I loved this line:

"Holding the moon and melting the sun"

Nice one.

River said...

you are gifted sweetie! You told the story of the bad boy..I'm so thankful I only see them as eye candy now and friends. :)

Desert Rose said...

@Eric well, there is something about the good guy within the bad boy that always gets a lady's heart..:)

@Dulce it is always a delight to have you here sweety..glad you enjoyed it..:)

@Anonymous thank you..:)

@Claudia he is just that much and more dear, not enough words to describe him i guess..:)

Desert Rose said...

ahh dear Joanny, yes he is SO RIGHT..that kind of RIGHT that can never GO WRONG..;) thank you for your sweet comment darling :)

so glad you enjoyed the RIDE Tim..i always enjoy yours too..:)

@Lady nyo thats a new way to look at it lady, thanks! yeah, could be :)

@Suzie cate yeah..a bad boy in the heart of an angel, that is so HIM ;)

Desert Rose said...

@David waters
you got it right david, its the child man that is within all men..but He is the beautiful manifestation of it..:)

@Brian miller
thank you Brian, it means a lot coming from you mate :)

@Gabriela Abalo aren't they ;) always that TEMPTING alright..;)
loved having you around always Gab..:)

Desert Rose said...

thank you..glad you enjoyed the ride CHris..:)

@Tammy so true, the fast and the furious he is..a bullet that is thrown to my heart..:)

@June -Butterfly
perhaps both, or else its just that kinda unexplained love that takes over all the reasons and lives in its own insanity..:)

Desert Rose said...

thank you, i enjoyed writing it as much..:)

Desert Rose said...

@Arts WEb show
thank you, but believe me..he is more to be loved & u can take my word on it yet you never mess with the DON..;)

i guess it comes out of the womb of love..thank you for your comment, always appreciated..:)

thank you :)

that one you would love to fall in for Rver..ha ha ;)thank you for stopping by..:)

Anonymous said...

from the title i knew this was going to be SRK poem ! and oh so loved it !!!! you are amazing with your words and pics !!!

Victoria said...

Such a subtle form of abuse. Why are men like this attractive to so many women??? Maybe because they know they really will never have them to themselves. Human nature seems drawn to what we cannot have. Thought-provoking.

the child-man is having fun
Holding the moon and melting the sun

Powerful lines, those.

Fireblossom said...

In the lesbian world there is a saying, "scratch a butch, find a femme." I think this is probably the straight version, that tension between what's outside and what's inside and who's hip to what's real.

Wonderful stuff, as always. :-)

Nevine said...

Abeer, as always, your words have left me breathless as they ooze with their own passion. Such lovely images, here.

KB said...

Talk about living life in the fast lane. Excellent!

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