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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Your Geisha...

Unlocking black strands
tangled around in buckles
floating in your ripples
I hide in your shell
all i have to tell
moistened within your lips
arousing my censored grips
I heavenly come in tiny steps
My craving drips
pour in your eyes
million secret i tend to keep
beyond that mask of smiling weep
those you would know
so much into me you grow
I tenderly shake your silence
defeating triumphantly, my resistance

Finally, in your arms
I feel that savage warmth
on your knees
My scented breeze
invading your senses
this oriental aroma
silken red cushions
inflaming confessions
black and white
colors of my soul revealing light
burning in your ecstasy
reaching your mind
I am all that you mind
all that you find
in my Samurai tales
is the way i spell the words
dancing upon my breathe
sneaking to your nape
in a dangerous escape
where my lips dare
to blush
red cherry taste
Exposing my flickering mist
around your dips
playing all my tricks
one by one
you enjoy this rated fun
inviting your wits
like the moon and the sun
we become the whole one
skin to skin
your virtuous sin
I dance in feverish bliss
on the drum rolls of your kiss
your silence is My myth
brushing my fears
upon your thunderous flesh
wearing your tears
pearls of my mischievous wish
bundled in Sushi rolls
within your lips, my flavor crawls
Beating your cold nights
Our adventurous fantasy
that much you are into me
My daring desire
sets you on fire
Turning the cold October chills
into some ragging thrills
living each line
of Your Geisha Memoirs.


Anonymous said...

as always. U r wonderful.
Be happy

Refuge Insomniac said...

I actually read the Memoirs of a Geisha :-) I love the build of your words; it’s like watching an exciting movie in my mind… the tension builds with each word, sentence and phrase. Wonderful read! Thank you, David

Claudia said...

..I tenderly shake your my favorite line i think..beautiful

Anonymous said...


what have you done to me? I feel like I have just made love for the whole night, every second more pleasing then the last and nothing, no thoughts, no breath, no beating of the heart...


Yiota Luyu Ladybird said...

Loved it until the last word... Beautiful, dear... Simply beautiful... :)

Dulce said...

Oh my dear dearest Rose
You overcome yourself every time you write a new one
This is just perfect and exquisite...So exotic, passionate and adorable
YOU > Mi Reina de la pasiĆ³n!
&...Me encanta Bhudda Bar

Thanks for this beautiful read.

Teresa said...

Lovely and sensual as always.

Anonymous said...

this poem speaks to me. i think many female artists today were geisha in our past lives. LOL. how we are in command of the fleeting world (have you read "Artist of the Floating World" by Kazuo Ishiguro? it's a good philosophical follow-up to Memoirs by Golden) and its intricacies and delicate, illusory nature, and how we can make a kingdom of it just by being who we are. such is exemplified in this piece.

joanny said...

Desert Rose

Where do I begin... your words sing and could easily be played in a musical score, dynamic in every aspect of the execution of each word each stanza, words inspired by the muse whom the poet see's clearly -- a perfectly executed composition.

I read the Memoirs of a Geisha, and sorrowfully Raymond Visan died a few days ago in New York
of the Buddha Bar. Excellent choices to accompany your most eloquent poem.

Warm hugs to the Cairo Queen of the Desert.. A Rose


Anonymous said...

You have such a skill of writing passion with elegance.

Sayandeep Kundu said...

Regards~ Sayandeep

June_Butterfly said...

Absolutely sensual yet so very delicate.

Beautiful piece!

Victoria said...

Reminds me of 2 novels I really enjoyed: Memoirs of a Geisha and The Ginger Tree. So passionate and poignant. In reality, a sad testimony of how women can be "used." Very beautiful read.

Myrna R. said...

Beautifully written poem. It is sensual, sensitive and provocative. I read some of your others and am taken by the depth of your writing and its beauty.

JH said...

I tenderly shake your silence... powerful line. stimulating piece.... I enjoyed your one shot!

TALON said...

Your poetry is so easy to lose yourself go on a journey that is unlike any other. Always a delight, Desert Rose.

Wysteria said...

Wow... beautiful and riveting.

I read the Geisha twice and still can't get enough.



Whitesnake said...

I spent 3 months in Japan and wished I never came home.......

Jingle said...

your poetry rocks.
lovely blog,
outstanding taste,

Glad to read you.

Jingle said...

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Asobime said...

Desert Rose, it is very delicate and sensual poem.

I would offer this one crit, if you really want to know my opinion.

Some times....we write poetry that would benefit from being made into stanzas. The reason for this is because some poems are so loaded with sensual imagery that it needs a 'resting place' for the mind and imagination. This is one poem where I think that structural device would help the reader.

Every poet is different: I offer this advice because I care, dear. I care about poetry being remembered, but then again, you certainly have your own style and you can disregard this opinion.

For me...poetry must be put through a 'refining fire' and that works to clarify the poem. It can change the structure, make it stronger, and of course that is what we want.

But it's a lovely string of sentiments and action. Very erotic!

Lady Nyo

Desert Rose said...

Dear Lady, thank you so much for your valuable input..:) and yes i think that structure would be appropriate here, in fact i have been trying to work on refining fire strategy with writing structures for a while now..:)
i am not an expert or a professional ..simply an amateur of poetry and i am always learning and enjoying the process..:)
thank you again and please always feel free to comment and give me your great thoughts..much appreciated indeed..:)

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