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Friday, October 1, 2010

To Farooq, with all our love...

It is not just another day!
is His Birthday...
The sky is brighter
as he lazily open his eyes
the air is lighter
when he lovingly whisper his butterflies
to the scrolling page
the sun shines
all the way from where he is
spreading the warmth on his close friends
his hands
gently whips their rolling tears
his arms
tenderly wrap their growing fears
his presence
powerfully enhance their safety
he manages their happiness
virtually but wholeheartedly
he comes in bliss
blowing them a kiss
from afar
like a shooting star
for them to make a wish
when all the orbits turn on their own
he carves on the stone
his tale
a real fighter wearing his heart
yes, my friend we are never apart
it has been written down
on the sheets of time
smile once more
and spread your wings
your soul rises around our silence
and our love will always be holding your heart.

This is a very special dedication for my very dear friend Farooq on his birthday,it might not be so much but he does mean so much more to me for words to tell.
Farooq,you are my brother, one i have met his heart before meeting his face, have the best birthday ever and know,you are our MAN we love you that much bro.


Anonymous said...

very touching and heart felt... he's lucky for you

Desert Rose said...

Thank you Sir thomas..he is a very loving person,our dear friend..hope he lives a very long life filled with joy and happiness he deserves all that and more..we are lucky to have him me and all our gang :)
your comment means so much to me..:)

Far-Rock said...

Its my special birthday to celebrate wid d loveliest gang i ever met. And your poem made my day even more special which i havn't experienced in 22yrs. You took all d words and left me wid blank mind. All the things that you have done in such a thoughtful way,are appreciated so much more than these few words can say. THANK U SOOOO MUCH....FOR MAKING MY DAY SO SPECIAL. - RORO

Desert Rose said...

You deserve it all and more roro..sometimes the hearts reach each other more even through the distance.Be strong ya ror and come back safe to all of us.

Kay said...

oh, what a wonderful tribute! the best birthday present one could ever get...

so blessed to have a friend like you! :)

Desert Rose said...

thank you kay, he is an amazing young man!we love him so much..he is going through a tough time in his life now but with strength and belief he will pass it inshaallah..thank you for being too sweet kay..truly appreciated,tight hugs darling :)

LostSoul said...


short poems said...

An amazing tribute, the best birthday present ever :)
You have great blog, wonderful work!

Desert Rose said...

thank you so much ya Boba..glad you like it..he did too..i miss him so much, rabena yraga3o belsalama..:)

Desert Rose said...

@short poems thank you for your kind comment, it is such a pleasure to meet you :)

Claudia said...

such lovely birthday wishes - hope he read it...

Desert Rose said...

yes he did claudia and loved it..i was soo happy he did..:)

Dulce said...

Just beautiful

Jingle said...

your words are touching,
timeless moments captured here.
divine talent!

Jingle said...
Our poetry potluck is NOW open, welcome linking in..
you could use an old poem, not necessarily related to any theme...
the more you share, the happier we are.
hope to see you in.

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