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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Between the lines...

If you could read my mind
those thoughts that i wouldn't tell
my heaven dipped in your hell
this sacred taboo
I ink on your skin
shining like a forbidden tattoo
that merges from my within
dancing secretly
in your eyes
you are there
holding these letters
in a parade of glitters
or better
you are the weather
that swings me in all the seasons
at once
you land like a lazy feather
your logical madness upon all my reasons
these thoughts of you
I run to every time i close my eyes
haunt me like feverish lullabies
cradling my insomniac nights
to sleep
echoes of your whispers
sinking so deep
taking me to where you are
in a simple blink
why do you think?
why do i love you this much?
that what you can possibly know
when you see what the words don't show
If only you
could read my mind
pouring,between the lines.


Helena Malheur said...

"logical madness bounce on reasons" and "insomniac nights to sleep" brilliant! Love it...beautifully written. :)

Refuge Insomniac said...

“…these thoughts of you - I run to every time I close my eyes - haunt me like feverish lullabies - cradling my insomniac nights - to sleep…”

There is really nothing else to say, as this sums my life up :-) Sweet dreams!

Whitesnake said...

Oh this is good!

Nevine said...

Abeer, this is beautiful. A testament of not only love... but dedication... and adoration. And it flows... like that ink on skin you describe. So very lovely. And so very you. I enjoyed... every word, ya amar! Bosa!!!


Chris G. said...

Lovely piece, with touches of sensuality running through it--nice examination, well-written.

Kay said...

if only, indeed... :)

Dulce said...

Why do i love you this much...
I guess because you have that gift as no other.
Those lines betweeen in your mind... difficult to read, but not so to understand!

joanny said...

Desert Rose:

You take the ordinary and put your personal spin on it and it is pure magic-- an extra ordinary experience of words teasing the senses.

Love the video on Neruda Pablo a good match -- for you as well have that way with words like he did.

lots of love to you sweet romantic one,

Anonymous said...

Your words eloquent and touched my heart. Love your writing and love you! ♥

Eqlektik said...

Lovely words that took me on a surreal journey. A beautifully crafted piece.

Claudia said...

"I ink on your skin" LOVED this...wonderful imagery...leaving a tatoo..

Brian Miller said...

whew. nice intimacy and wonderful imagery...i like the feather...and the tattoo...and sometimes i wish i could read between the lines...smiles.

Fireblossom said...


this is beautiful. I especially love

"you are the weather
that swings me in all the seasons
at once
you land like a lazy feather
your logical madness upon all my reasons"

and "feverish lullabies".

So much emotion in this. I'm so glad I got the chance to read it.

Asobime said...

Beautifully written, Rose....with great imagination and flourish!

Lady Nyo

Myrna R. said...

Beautiful poem. I wish we could all love with such passion.

I enjoyed the Neruda poetry as well.

Clint S. Rhubart said...

some bliss is destined
to live surreptitiously
in our hearts alone

Enjoyed this!

River said...

I too love the lines the 1st comment speaks of. Beautifully well written. :)

हेमंत कुमार ♠ Hemant Kumar said...

Very nice and heart touching post---i liked it.
best wishes.

Timoteo said...

You are a goddess! (And the video so appropriately fits your poem.)

June_Butterfly said...

Sensually Beautiful!One thing I love about your work is the natural flow of sensuality.One thing I can never seem to have the knack for.

The pictures are like icings making your words more delectable!


once again nothing i could say has not already been said here, dear desert rose! an incredibe piece that stains us all with its beauty -

TALON said...

Desert Rose, your poetry never fails to soothe me, reminding me of the power and the crazy beauty of love.

Thinking of you and hoping all is well.

tuberider said...

I really enjoyed these lines:

"If only you
could read my mind
pouring,between the lines."

Very cool.

joanny said...

Desert Rose:

Miss you dear one, you haven't posted for awhile? It seems like this is happening to many of us, time passes, we are being called like the seasons -- thank you for the visit and comment always wonderful to hear from you.

I think I will do a lovely tribute to Cairo one day, we owe so much to that part of the world, it holds so much of our past our roots in antiquity.

warm wishes to you,

Diana Lee said...

this speaks volumes to me..I havent read all of your work but as of this moment, this is my favorite :)

Jingle said...

love the flow,
dreamy imagery.


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Timoteo said...

Abeer, you are passion personified!

Sahiba said...

my heaven dipped in your hell..
Really liked this line.. i like contradictions .. it makes poem attractive in a way..

Sahiba said...

my heaven dipped in your hell.
loved these lines.. contradictions make poetry interesting..

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