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Monday, November 22, 2010


It is when you listen
to what i don't say
that i
speak the most

It is when you see
what i don't reveal
that i
shine the most

It is when you smell
what i don't sprinkle
that my scented aroma
becomes your most
favorite fragrance

It is when you touch
where i don't Expose
that my shaken hesitation
settles the most
within your painting fingers
that linger

It is when you taste
what i don't serve
that my bitter sweetness
drip the most
around your fulfillment
arousing your marinated dips
into that savage

It is when i say nothing at all
that your silence says it all
it is when i fall
the most
within your deeper

It is when i see you around
in all the faces
making this humming sound
playing silently all my chords
that you are
the most
dwelling wanderer

It is when i touch you
beneath the veil of time
where only you and i reach
it is when i close my eyes
and sail
to where our senses prevail
that i feel you
the most


Eric Alder said...

A delightful piece!

chamiechamz said...

lovely as always :)

Claudia said...

seing what we don't reveal..loved this..
such a heartfelt and intimate piece

Anonymous said...

Once again you tugged my heartstrings. You leave me breathless. Love you sweetness. ♥

Anonymous said...

God I love these....

seems we are so on the same plan,......

Anonymous said...

This is lovely , so sensible and superlative !!

Kim Williams said...

the paradox of knowing another without tangible facts...

this is stuff of which real fantasy is made.

joanny said...

You weave together the spoken and the unspoken -- taking us through the senses -- sight, smell, hearing, vision -- all the elements to anchor us in the moment or even better, how we allow the moment to find us. Your words your imagery prodding us at our consciousness, inviting us to abandon our carefully constructed defenses and fall in love.

Now if we can bottle up this sensual delight and pass it on to our loved ones...

warm hugs,

moondustwriter said...

this piece as all of your work shows depth, that search
Beautiful expression

hey beautiful have missed you
hope all is well

Hope to see you at One Shot
your work is always a delight

Gabriela Abalo said...

so intimate and sensual - I love it!

your poetry is beautiful

Timoteo said...

It is when you taste
what I don't serve
that my bitter sweetness
drip the most
around your fulfillment
arousing your marinated dips
into that savage


Helena Malheur said...

your passion is painted all over the page - such lovely words... "when you listen to what I don't say" very nice! beautiful words of love :)

June_Butterfly said...

It would be bliss to find someone who can understand even before we speak.To have someone who can see the inner beauty within us that no one else can see.

Passionate yet sweet.Takes you to a ride where passion coincides with love.

Beautiful piece!

dustus said...

A beautifully written poem.

Nevine said...

You have captured some beautiful moments, here... along with a beautiful rhythm. The breaks between stanzas allow us to pause... catch our breath... before you bring us crashing into a new emotion. As always, it echoes of your heart, Abeer.

As an aside, I can't thank you enough for your support. It really means the world to me. Shokran ya amar! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Eeeeeeeeeeee... I was transported into another world while reading this one, DR... it was so sensuous and absolutely mind blowing!
Phheeww...good stuff, this!! The expressions of love - in all its forms - has been done so very nicely here!
Kudos, my friend!!

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Anonymous said...

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