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Monday, November 29, 2010


As if you are here
i paint the walls with your name
in scattered verses
and i recite them
to myself
of spelling you
between my lips

As if you are here
I wear your favorite fragrance
sprinkling your memory around your absence
picking the stars off my night curtain
trying to get off that heavy burden
of my solitude
within the crowd
dressed in my shroud,
i slide
wish i can hide
forever in your eyes
yeah, still smiling
within your disguise

Scented candles dance
in your aroma
i still keep the way you smell
when your skin has much to tell
to my lips
i still keep souvenirs of your trips
around my wonderland of secrets
in my fortified shell
i still keep you
this deep inside
where all my senses chaotically shiver
their mischievous survival
celebrating your arrival
to my dreams
as i close my eyes
sneaking off these desperate whys
and just feeling you near
as if you are here

Then i dance
with your shadow
and i stumble in your feet
shattering my hair locks in your treat
in my palm i felt one tear
helplessly shed
what is it that has not yet been said?
To you..
what is it that yet needs to be done instead,
For you to!
once you were near..
now, all i have is this cruel pretending..
as if you are here.


Anonymous said...

Your words of longing always get me. Beautiful my love. ♥

Anonymous said...

A wiil o' wisp.
A ghost unreal
The phantom of your dreams
The conductor of eerie symphony
Wish your where here

Wish you were here (Bob Dylan. Dilli or Delhi)

Anonymous said...

Check my tweets. There are a few publishers they way I have let my poetry be known.

Your's is beautiful


Desert Rose said...

@JessicaKristie thank you jess,i love having you in my sanctuary..too beautiful for words you are! :)

@Anonymus BMS thank you for ur kind words,will check them and see what i can do :)best regards to you too :)

Claudia said...

i love "spelling you
between my lips"
such a wonderful expression..

Tofyta said...

speechless Beero !you truly inspired me.! really its awesome ..yeh we really still keeping everything as always but all we have just hoping he could remember & come again :) inshaa allah .. Thnx Alot darling for this awesome rhyme

June_Butterfly said...

Felt the longing in every word.And the need to pretend just to feel whole ,again.Been to this road.Sometimes I still feel I'm still walking this road.The loneliness never fades,the wondering if there was something that could have made the person stay.

Truly love this.Heartfelt!


be still my heart! your words truly are taken from my own heart, desert rose - as if you were here, my dear!!!

magnificently done!!!

Kim Williams said...

you have opened a Pandora's box of longing many twists and turns of desire and denial...such clinging to hope-lessness...

thank you.

L.L. Barkat said...

"spelling you between my lips"

great phrase :)

Lu Ann said...

Wow! I do can imagine the scene... You wrote this verses so amazingly well that even the smell of his fragance got to my nose. So vivid, so full of... realness.
Thanks for sharing.

joanny said...

I feel the ache and the longing in this poem,
If I could give you a gift, it might be a magical ticket to go visit your friend -- you know, in that world where the sweet, unattainable companion
who lives in the threshold of the light and the dark who abides there patiently on the cusp between waking and dreaming, hoping that someday that the two of you will fully embrace your relationship.

Once again you take us on a magical carpet ride in the realm of the sensual.


Anonymous said...


Dulce said...

This sad longing so full of the most powerful love words... Woman, the way you this amazes me always!
♥ :) ♥

Fireblossom said...

This is so sweet and so heartbreaking. The first stanza completely delights me, but i thought he would appear before poem's end...but no. And that made it poignant and bittersweet. So well drawn, Rose.

And...thank you for your wonderful comments at my blog, I really appreciate them!

Pete said...

your work is stunning. Great Blog

me_duress said...

Beautifully painful - great work!

SuziCate said...

That first verse is killer...such romance and sensuality throughout. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Pretending just creates more pain for us--but it's so hard not to sometimes.

Lovely, vivid description of a yearning heart.

Anonymous said...

loved this, especially the initial stanzas - the imagery of longing takes my breath...

Timoteo said...

Picking the stars off my night curtain...

Where all my senses chaotically shiver...

Lines such as these (and you have many of them) are what make your work stand out--much like, I imagine, YOU do in a crowd!

Brian Miller said...

this cruel pretending you are is cruel...and i have felt that...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A beatiful poem with hidden rhyme. Always a clever write. Excellent.

Gabriela Abalo said...

"i still keep souvenirs of your trips
around my wonderland of secrets"

I love it!


Teresa said...

Such passion and sadness--you've captured this brilliantly.

Helena Malheur said...

oh passionate one, well done! Love your heart and the way you write with it. Beautiful as always!

carlo said...

as if...what if? dancing with your shadow. yes I say your name between my parched and quivering lips.

just pretending, my dearest, that you are here. what a place in which you put me. I am missing her too much.

Words which paint pictures for me, and song which does the same.

Anonymous said...

Oh my good God! This was sad...but brilliantly written, Desert Rose..
Your words are so haunting... just like the character in your poem.. He who was once there, he who now exists only in memories..
I mean, really..this is just fabulous! Romantic, melancholic, but beautiful nonetheless!

Kodjo Deynoo said...

That is what my girlfriend does, then after she argues with me, but I love her so, I enjoyed reading your poem

Teresa said...

So beautiful and sad. Your writing is always so rich in imagery. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

beautifully written the longing and pretending your love is here, like this one.

Sayandeep Kundu said...

Lovely piece...desperate longing..yet there is a mellow flavor to it..that makes it so elegant a piece of poetry to savor.. thanks for sharing..
Regards~ Sayandeep

Aquarius63 said...

The mind can travel and the spirit can fly, I often take both of these journeys in my waking and sleeping hours.

A most beautiful poem, I spend most of days in wistfulness


Anonymous said...

i describe this as sexy, controlled and very emotional. a good write! mine's here-

Jingle said...

so stunning imagery, beautiful art.
thanks for sharing your talent with potluck!
Happy Tuesday!
Welcome to JP!


Anonymous said...

wish i can hide
forever in your eyes ... lovely

Joop Zand said...

It's really fantastic, i 'am glad i have found your beautiful blog.

Wish you all the best for 2011.

warm greetings, Joop

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