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Monday, November 1, 2010

Birthday Package...

Psssst..You,Birthday boy!

you have a package
In your mind,
that one of a kind
of love
I can see your shy smile
I can even feel your breath
within the ribbons
these red satin
stripes of surprise
what could it be?
yes, your heart is right
It is me

that everlasting dream
you normally inhale in the steam
of your morning coffee

It is me
those million women in one
your forever moon and sun
your thunderous pleasure
and Exotic lines of fun
your daring wanna be

It is Me
the wanderer
in your tiny details
the one
your presence she inhales
for life
Forty five
years of bliss
now i confess
If it wasn't for you
perhaps i wouldn't be
the one you now see
in your refuge

like a pure morning due
tenderly shed in your hue
that true
I am to be
yet your fantasy

It is still Me
the one who will always love you
and free

Come closer
and hold your gift
not much time is left
till your are reborn in my ecstasy

hiding in my glittering blush
your gentle whispers hush
my twirling petals hum
your heartbeats dance on my drum
to where the night is celebrating
see, the moon unfolding his stars
touch, your time, crash those bars
Fly to the highest peak
I hear you when you don't speak
I feel you when you just be
the only one living in me

blow the candles
burn the bundles
of fear
a tear?
no, its one of joy
You my Birthday boy
bring it all out of Me
when you sacredly untie the ribbons
of my infinite offering
carving your initials in my heart
hanging around your chest
my spell
in hieroglyphic hymns
I am encrypted
deciphered in a satin package
that is that gently savage
now, it is the time
to taste
your own delicious Homemade cake.

Happy Birthday my love..may all your dreams come true, one by one..with love.


Anonymous said...

the power in this poem of love transpires time itself. I could only dream of being the object of such a love....

Dulce said...

*It is me
those million women in one...*
No doubt about that lady!

Fortunate he is of getting such a gift, YOU and your passion, love and bliss...

Great poem again!!

Anonymous said...

Be happy dear
very sweet gift 4 Birthday ;)
so #HappyBirthdaySRK
God bless


Jingle said...

wow, romantic and breath taking.,,

Asobime said...

I love this, the rolling sentiment, but it is too damn long!

I find that my eyes wander, and I feel overwhelmed with poetry of such length.

perhaps breaking it up into stanza like segments will give a natural place for the reader to rest and think of the content.

Otherwise, it's a lovely poem, just almost an endurance race!


Lady Nyo

SuziCate said...

carving your initials in my heart
WOW...what a tribute of love! Happy birthday to the birthday boy!

Brian Miller said...

whew...need to go find me a cake...intense love...and a very happy birthday...smiles.

KB said...

This is a beautiful tribute of love to your birthday boy.

Gabriela Abalo said...

"It is me
those million women in one"

wow - you truly inspired me.
Breath taking all the way :)

moondustwriter said...

That girl is a great gift - just unwrap her ribbons to discover her allure

you always share delightful One Shot

Moon hugs

Myrna R. said...

Love so pure is depicted here. Lucky birthday boy!

Timoteo said...

I love cake!

joanny said...

Oh sweet passionate Desert Rose:
You are the gift...
normally I do not pull lines out of a poem, especially in your epic poems for so many are delicious, exquisite and wonderful however, this stanza stood out for it spoke of the agelessness of love
my spell
in hieroglyphic hymns
I am encrypted
deciphered in a satin package.

Cheers to you dear Rose born out of the desert.


Chris G. said...

Aw, lovely--a nice tribute to love, and to *your* love. Quite romantic!

Kay said...

phew! now that is a birthday wish! :) haha

PattiKen said...

Now, that is a lucky man. Sounds like a wonderful birthday gift.

Claudia said...

..I hear you when you don't speak..was my fav line...that's real love - and what a romantic and soulful birthday poem!

Anonymous said...

With a BD rapidly coming up. Unwrapping my girls heart would be a great gift.

June_Butterfly said...

Like Dulce,I love the line..*It is me those million women in one...*
How every woman should be to their man!

A great birthday gift ...for I bet a fabulous man!!

Beautiful one shot!Love and passion.Powerful package!!

Pete Marshall said...

wow....lucky lucky man...a birthday to enjoy...cheers and hope all well with you?


oh, dear dear lady! i could use all those superlatives that others have already used and it would still be only duplicative as there simply are not enough words no matter how many are used - beautifully done!!! beautifully!!!

Lu Ann said...

:) "selfishly,yet,unconditionally
and free"

It is like very very romantic and sweet and at the time daring.

Loved it, very much and the photos too :)

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