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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The superhero
ruling in her fairytale
is the deified pharaoh
Who is savagely astonished
with his silence
Between two words
He plants his dots
in her land of thirst
His sharpened swords
are lethal drops
updated boards
of legalized shots
a little bit of sadism he is
painfully tempting
lovingly hurting
so right
as her black and white
too charmed
That she never asked
why is he like that
how can this wild seduction be kind
Resetting their damaged dreams on rewind
she just wanted to ask him
how he was..
but he knew,and Stole her question
in a sneaking in redemption
Between two hesitating smiles
wrapping the question around his neck
back to his silence
inspecting his elegance
with a sighing sentence
questions are mostly a decent trap
to which we drag the others to a more complicated state
Refilled with honest resistance
To the truth
One day he said,
"Don't ask
just know...
I smile the truth"
that day she learned her lesson well
she knew she was all he has to tell
tried to invent a new language for him
one without question marks
expecting only answers to design her own
only then she would add the question marks
or even exclamation ones
that would mainly turn into
admiration lines of full stops.
He never said anything
Except one of his definite words
She didn’t understand how
Only silence between two words
Can make that effect on her chaos
How can that desire be inflamed ?
With an exhausted look that lazily climbed
Her murmuring flesh
incensed and fresh
Turning wherever it passes her fire on
With one word she puts it all back in place
She knows that love doesn’t think
Has no memory
It doesn’t benefit from it's earlier stupidity
Not even from those tiny disappointments
That once created its major sadness
Despite of it all
She forgave him, happy with her defeat
Inspected at his feet
Like a shaking sparrow
In a rainy winter night.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chaotic dreams...

Dipped in your scented lines
each word becomes you
reading your signs
strong &fragile
forever&for a while
set free
without a trial
chaotic is your love
Stripping my dreams
on your late night floor
one by one
you fall with every one
deeper within my madness
Bare soul,i catch you
I know you feel me
your silence kill me
let us be a man and a woman
nothing more
let us love each other
the sea and the shore
with the logic of insanity
not that one of virtuous clarity
we can not come out of the darkness of ink
to sink... in the darkness of the night!
I would ask for our love to live
in the legitimate plead of light
I want to see you
like nobody has seen you before
I want to touch you
there on the deserted side of the shore
I want to tell you so much
without having to say a word
in my silence i want you to hear me
like i feel your tears when they soak me
love me without questions
without answers to give
love me because you have no options
but to be in there and live
be mine
for it was long time ago set
that the skies celebrate it
with the yearly monsoon.
love me and win your bet
with the fate
it is never too late
for the starlight to embrace the moon
for the dreams to once
dare to come true.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You are not alone...

over the years
such a long road
heart is a heavy load
flashing memories
leading your fears
heartbeats racing
what are we facing?
shattered mind
eyes on rewind
boarding on your trip
holding on the time
in a tight grip
of hope
all loved ones are around
silence has a crashing sound
sleepless nights
victorious fights
your red eyes speak
your heart out..
screaming your locked up tears
in a ragging shoot out
but nothing comes out
another blankness
strength of weakness
you are about
in times of hardship
we shall be near
see,we are always here
little prayers
are sent your way
little prayers
would lead the way
to the roaming angels
flying around
carrying the blessings
from the Soulful bound
holding you tight
spreading their light
for not for a second
you are alone
you have us all
wrapped in a wave
of love for you
as you are simply
all we have.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Like my city...

what more madness i live
that the distance
only makes me love you more
brings you closer
you are the sea,i am your shore
you reshape my city
to shine in your gravity
here i am
like a lunatic,
writing you letters of love
every night
letters that are born of my anxiety,
your lust
and my mad longing curiosity
I want to love you here
in a house that is like you
styled international
lines of luxury you sign
homey and mine
I want to sit by your side
as one we would collide
just like i sit here by this playful lake
watching the tiny red fish dance
and i would explore you in a glance
and be amazed
how many letters i wrote to you
i wanted to hold you with the words
with you i became a biased
to those letters who are closer to you
they look like you when you say them
and tremble in joy when you write them
they are like me
in your absence
within your existence
million colors you add
to the painting that was once sad
you manage these quivers
once you arrive
goosebumps strive
not to jump on my face
and expose me..
I see you on the streets
hiding in my heartbeats
in my morning coffee steam
the night i share with you my dream
you hold me
in the early morning
as if the day will only fit
in the undulated night
when i surf the features of my city,
I know you are around
when i long for the warmth of my city,
I feel your arms as my bound
when i roam alone in the crowd of my city,
I hear your steps
rising from the darkness of my solitude
to take my hand, just like my city usually does.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Wild Rose...

She is earth
She is wind
She is the air
and the sea
She swirls around
like a madness blend
with every breathe
she revives in me,
She breaks the spell
of his midnight shell
and get him out
in foolish streams
her lord
He runs to her
in endless nothings
He hums to her
all his nonsense
she listens,
with her existence
she only wears a heart
that beats for his love
and melts at one touch
a sigh,a nod,a smile or such
She is the whole,
the one and the all
She spreads her wings
the moonlight sings
She rules in his heaven
holding a wand from hell
only she can tell
the stories of his heart
a new start
She holds his hand
a bare shadow he stands
reciting her moans
like a feverish monsoon
she drips her rain
all wet
fate set
She is destiny
a savage melancholy
celebrating him
the master
and the muse
ragging in the hues
they melt
our sun
we are one
and one is us.

This poem was inspired by my soul mate @LarvK Juliette O,she is a rare loving creature that i met and not a million word would be enough to describe her.."to you darling,and to our endless inspiration..soul mates forever wild rose..:)" celebrating love infinitely.

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