Always on My Mind you baby...

Monday, November 29, 2010


As if you are here
i paint the walls with your name
in scattered verses
and i recite them
to myself
of spelling you
between my lips

As if you are here
I wear your favorite fragrance
sprinkling your memory around your absence
picking the stars off my night curtain
trying to get off that heavy burden
of my solitude
within the crowd
dressed in my shroud,
i slide
wish i can hide
forever in your eyes
yeah, still smiling
within your disguise

Scented candles dance
in your aroma
i still keep the way you smell
when your skin has much to tell
to my lips
i still keep souvenirs of your trips
around my wonderland of secrets
in my fortified shell
i still keep you
this deep inside
where all my senses chaotically shiver
their mischievous survival
celebrating your arrival
to my dreams
as i close my eyes
sneaking off these desperate whys
and just feeling you near
as if you are here

Then i dance
with your shadow
and i stumble in your feet
shattering my hair locks in your treat
in my palm i felt one tear
helplessly shed
what is it that has not yet been said?
To you..
what is it that yet needs to be done instead,
For you to!
once you were near..
now, all i have is this cruel pretending..
as if you are here.

Monday, November 22, 2010


It is when you listen
to what i don't say
that i
speak the most

It is when you see
what i don't reveal
that i
shine the most

It is when you smell
what i don't sprinkle
that my scented aroma
becomes your most
favorite fragrance

It is when you touch
where i don't Expose
that my shaken hesitation
settles the most
within your painting fingers
that linger

It is when you taste
what i don't serve
that my bitter sweetness
drip the most
around your fulfillment
arousing your marinated dips
into that savage

It is when i say nothing at all
that your silence says it all
it is when i fall
the most
within your deeper

It is when i see you around
in all the faces
making this humming sound
playing silently all my chords
that you are
the most
dwelling wanderer

It is when i touch you
beneath the veil of time
where only you and i reach
it is when i close my eyes
and sail
to where our senses prevail
that i feel you
the most

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Between the lines...

If you could read my mind
those thoughts that i wouldn't tell
my heaven dipped in your hell
this sacred taboo
I ink on your skin
shining like a forbidden tattoo
that merges from my within
dancing secretly
in your eyes
you are there
holding these letters
in a parade of glitters
or better
you are the weather
that swings me in all the seasons
at once
you land like a lazy feather
your logical madness upon all my reasons
these thoughts of you
I run to every time i close my eyes
haunt me like feverish lullabies
cradling my insomniac nights
to sleep
echoes of your whispers
sinking so deep
taking me to where you are
in a simple blink
why do you think?
why do i love you this much?
that what you can possibly know
when you see what the words don't show
If only you
could read my mind
pouring,between the lines.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Birthday Package...

Psssst..You,Birthday boy!

you have a package
In your mind,
that one of a kind
of love
I can see your shy smile
I can even feel your breath
within the ribbons
these red satin
stripes of surprise
what could it be?
yes, your heart is right
It is me

that everlasting dream
you normally inhale in the steam
of your morning coffee

It is me
those million women in one
your forever moon and sun
your thunderous pleasure
and Exotic lines of fun
your daring wanna be

It is Me
the wanderer
in your tiny details
the one
your presence she inhales
for life
Forty five
years of bliss
now i confess
If it wasn't for you
perhaps i wouldn't be
the one you now see
in your refuge

like a pure morning due
tenderly shed in your hue
that true
I am to be
yet your fantasy

It is still Me
the one who will always love you
and free

Come closer
and hold your gift
not much time is left
till your are reborn in my ecstasy

hiding in my glittering blush
your gentle whispers hush
my twirling petals hum
your heartbeats dance on my drum
to where the night is celebrating
see, the moon unfolding his stars
touch, your time, crash those bars
Fly to the highest peak
I hear you when you don't speak
I feel you when you just be
the only one living in me

blow the candles
burn the bundles
of fear
a tear?
no, its one of joy
You my Birthday boy
bring it all out of Me
when you sacredly untie the ribbons
of my infinite offering
carving your initials in my heart
hanging around your chest
my spell
in hieroglyphic hymns
I am encrypted
deciphered in a satin package
that is that gently savage
now, it is the time
to taste
your own delicious Homemade cake.

Happy Birthday my love..may all your dreams come true, one by one..with love.

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