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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Verbal fantasy...

It's alright,
let the words dance tonight
upon the glittering starry sky
tangling the letters of your name
let the velvet moon blush
and the whisteling wind hush
at your sight
let the scented breeze tingle 
your sandal wood and amber
caress my skin
as if i hold you within
burning the night
in a sigh...
let my eyes tell
your love is heaven and hell  
let me commit you willingly
and be forgiven or not
let me be that forgotten dot
your Being is missing
a gypsy tune for you to play
a little prayer for your heart to say
let me hide in your oblivion  
a believer

reciting you in my solitude
if i might..

I wouldn't ask for more insight
riding your beautiful mind tonight
and wandering in these twisted alleys of pleasure
sneaking into where your longing thought linger
laying around your magnificent wonder
Here is where you strain the laughter
and there is where you hide your monster
But the loving is everywhere
fields of passionate denial you spare
i stare..
Bewitched me in your illusion...
doomed with my verbal fantasy.



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