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Monday, October 22, 2012

Three Million knights...

Three million knock at your door
Every minute they love you more
Three million hearts you mightily reign
at times of loss and those of gain
Three million cheers by your side remain
There when you're blue
for hugs and warmth, virtually but true
Three million hearts beat for you
and When the going gets tough
They fear you might hide
Three million fighters collide
to heal your wound
keep you safely around
Silently they pray
you shall never go away

Three million knights you lead
Write their hearts out for you to read
140 characters at a time
Three million souls your words inspire
Dancing bare feet on your  momentum wire
Melting like ice around your fire
In your own khantastic Lovepire  
Three million stars feast around their moon
Three million buds awaits your verbal monsoon
Their Spring in your laughter
 Refugees to your love shelter
More then words can tell they long
Wait for your rise all night long
For you dear prince of darkness,
They sketch and paint
may be for real, they would faint
at your enchanting sight
and they write

Three million beats only wish you well
Little prayers recited as you are abroad or unwell
Three million From the heart kinda spell
Three million smiles you draw
Every time with a line you show
Three million Whisper your name to sleep
Three million rhyme your Being too deep
Three million roam in your sparkling sky
Three million evidence, can fly!
To each corner of the universe
you magically touch and dwell
Ever since your name was khan
Three million ones became that man
And when The good one wore his heart
Three million sparks enlightened his hart
300 feet high you jump
And Three million screams would feverishly burst
Along the road of madness they share
For Your labor of love they care 
Three million poems your mind would write
With every still of your own light
Turning their moments into pieces of prose
Till we breathe this life, it grows
Your love is their anthem and flag
Three million lovers Heartfelt yet faceless   
Riding your energy bird of happiness
Three million restless run, 
holding your hand as All for one.
Three million and more to come
King love you spread your wings in height
Only your arms can hold us as tight
Here for you no matter what my jaan
Three million with me will always love you more Shah Rukh Khan.   

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Anonymous said...

be happy with ur love,dear.

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