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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


like a shooting star
shinning from afar
You Rise
Dream like tune in disguise 
Your metaphoric voice
Tickling all my senses
inviting my madness
To your restless night ballad.
whispering all my wishes to the wind
I fly..
rambling in your sparkling sky
attended by the Daring moon
fearlessly embraced by your longing monsoon
wet like a drifted leaf,
i swing...
tenderly shivering beneath your wing
I breathe...

in the scented air
in my everywhere
Lay here in my bosom
melt in me as i blossom
feverishly as i invade your sight,
curl in your eyes
hide within the dangling sighs  
and just be...
as beautiful as you are in me
inspiring life out of your breathe
there i confess
Breathless you leave me
every time you blink
and breathless you keep me
the more in your love i sink
willingly drowning in your mystical mind ocean
wholeheartedly sprinkled in that mischiveous gush of life you breathe.



Desert Rose said...

Humbly tried to convey very little of what this soulful song made me feel. Inspired with (Saans)or (breath) in Hindi, the song from Shah Rukh Khan's coming film Jab Tak Hai Jaan.
Never to match the magic of Gulzar Sahib lyrics or the heartfelt music of A.R Rehman ..i just tried. teary of ecstasy i hardly took it off my ears,Heart&soul.
love you shah for making me feel this beautiful..

Mary said...

This is just beautiful. So filled with love.

Brian Miller said...

ah i love it when a song takes me...and what intimacy...i expect that though from you but it is beautiful to watch in your words....

Lay here in my bosom
melt in me as i blossom

i like those lines...the intentional tight rhyme contrasts the rest and is playful to me...

Virkky Mums said...

so full of love.. =)
hello there..first visit in your blog, nice one btw.

Desert Rose said...

Thanks virkky hope you enjoy it..:) Brian and everyone, thank you for passing by.

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