Always on My Mind you baby...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

All about You...

Why is it all about you?
The tune of the night wind
and the lonesome nightingale song
To you i belong...
I want to hug you when something goes wrong
And jump hysterically at your cartwheele
like a kid with you, i feel
I want to hold your hand and walk,
sharing coffee as we talk
simple complicated things i want
and i wish you even knew...
it is all about you

I want to hold you so tight
like a mother and a father
care for you like sister and a brother
I want to feel like family to you
and have these fights best friends over do
i want to rub your being to mine,
like wild lovers nest
hang on to your ribs with my chest
sculpt my loving with my finger tips to your spine
Heal your veins as they whine
to my skin in Perls of sweat
breathe in your ears my longing heat
grace my toes at your feet
i want our flesh to meet and greet
just like our souls do
it has always been about you

I want to write you my rhyming prose
Poem you down in a soulful clause
carousel spinning is your love
as here as there
you are everywhere
days pass and i don't call them
years fast fly with no memories to hold them
you give me what your heart skips
and i cherish what my heart grips
but the selfish lover is blue
Thirsty for more due
I want memories of flesh and blood
I want your scent to crash my bud
I want to save it in my mind
I want to touch you like a blind
Paint your every bone with my tongue brush
Shout  your name in a voiceless Hush

I want real tears to kiss away
Taste its saltiness on my lips
Real bones to crash in a hug
both our pictures scanned on a mug
loud laughs as we childishly sway
Then dramatically stumble and fall
yes, i want it all...
This sad but true...
 I know it is just about you...

I want to touch you like a Life born blind
and see you bare with all my heart
i want you to come in the late nights
forget your lighter and the cigarettes
i want to be this dancing silhouette
your smoking drew...
i want it all to be about you
i want to rush one day
to see you up close, just passing by
hide in your- behind dark shades- eye
smile as you leave your coffee
like us...
unfinished, undone and incomplete
and i savor where your lips sipped last
Then drench in that euphoric blast
i want no answers to my wondering
some queries are better left unknown
Red Tag Heuer specs ripple as you frown
Magnificent You..
Love that it is perfectly about you...
Now i want out of my own skin
even there, you reign within
wish i can hold my peace
shut my world wide cerebellum piece 
taming  my wild mind to behave
living in his own made up crave
but when you rise out of the blue
like God's own morning hue
i know it is as fair as true
That it becomes wholeheartedly about you...



Brian Miller said...

it is a beautiful thing when we each make it ll about the other....esp in our intimacy...which you always paint so beautifully....a fav part...

i savor where your lips sipped last
Then drench in that euphoric blast
i want no answers to my wondering
some queries are better left unknown

Dawn said...

Nice and romantic


Aya Gugles Wilson said...

very rich imaginations.

Taylor Kong Boomer said...

deep and heartfelt words.

Helen Rice Obama said...

deep words.

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