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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Muse...

On his own terms
he comes and goes
directing his life shows
On her, His every breath grows
handcuffed to his self made bars
on cloud n-9 prison cell
living his own heaven in hell
funambling between the stars
lonely like the moon and the sun
humbly pleases everyone
mercilessly whips his soul
even on the top, he can't have it all
misleading his heart
within her always, even when apart
racing his own shadow
refilling her memories hollow
She just don't get it
He will never say it
bleeding his smiles out
arms wide open for love
over and about

all he needs is a rewind button
a restore click
Fairy's magical stick
and a bunch granted wishes
mother's home made dishes
and old VCR movies nights
back to back
with world cup game
it is never the same
with PS3 FIFA fever
or 50 inch LED screen receiver
Connected always yet detached
To his own red flesh lizards attached
Love floats in little innocent eyes
humming his tucked in lullabies
wait, Moon is still up
His majesty owns the night hub
not till the sun shines on the love bundles by his side
that his aching hopes may lay aside
Heavy Eyelids silently scream
lips shiver with the quivering steam
puts off the cigarette
slips into her memories outfit
she is already around
Dreams land bound
can time return?
to when they were all around
to when it was only sister's red tights
and blue table napkin superman fights
that innocent kid
a favorite pink piano they said
father's roundabouts, tears shed
can they bring back the warmth?

so he runaway
A wild angry dream
strained from life
soaked in strive
eating his years with extra salt
consumed in fears, wearing his hart
a Fugitive to her imaginary arms
defusing fate bombs in killing charms
arrogantly submitted
Exclusively exhibited
candid and spotted
at the alter of the ordinary
sacrificed to his own time illusion Cult 
yet resurrected in her heart
the god...
and the Muse.

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