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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Birthday boy...

Dear November,
There you Rise as i whisper
each year i wait
but you always come late
and i get so excited on your second day
only few more hours away
His Birthday...
6.30 am He said
as early as he ever arrived in life
a lucky child they happily noted
loved by millions and owns Hearts
Top of each chart
His Kingdom is made of loving beats
Heaven is when My life, He greets
every day i fly
with a word, a line or even a sigh
Eyes get shy
so much warmth he brought
to the Wild Random Thought
Riding his dreams,
His energy beams
and i love him more...
This year stronger than before...

Eyes wide shut
like every year i start
celebrating his day on my own
Dress shopping,
beauty salon visit
colors and lights as much exquisite
Scented candles
roses in bundles
Room door sealed
Year wounds healed
I wear his aroma as fragrance
he is all about substance
i won't forget the cake
strawberry and cream i bake
colored ribbons and funny stickers
and when it's already midnight
all our loverswould rush to your sight
opening the window to let them in
the silver moon brings you beauty
and the golden Sun offers you grace
only for you king face..
Shouting star granted you wishes
may you never be any more far
tenderly joining butterflies and bees
dancing around the longing trees
you make the world spin
 darling, you win!
million hugs just for you..
Birthday boy...i just love You...

Let's go
over there beyond the rainbow
leave these heavy burdens down
Me the queen and You my crown
laughing our life out
happy as it should all be about
let's fly
away from the solitude ground
fairy tales kingdom bound
Bursting smiles
watching you play your macho tricks
that little boy with candy sticks
sweetness dreams covering them both
honey rivers of tickles and vows
innocent promises
eternal faithfulness
Life is heaven
That we don't buy

all we are made of is fun
me the moon and you the sun
close your eyes right now my king
to me you are my everything
one more time let's make a wish
smile for me and break a dish
dimpled you, getting ticklish?
here we are laughing it off
now you can come closer enough
breathe this whole year in and wwwoooffff
A greater one is on it's way
Spread your arms for a hug and kiss
This tight i shall hold you and never let go.

Happy Birthday My Challa...I love You, more than you will ever Know...

More than you will ever know
This heart adores your every blink
don't over think
You only own
This soul and Beyond


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Anonymous said...

amazing. congratulations

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