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Friday, November 16, 2012

Your Cult...

In the temple of your love
i built a shrine
burnt some incens
poured some wine
out of my grapes
all the shapes
you take
as i invited your vision over for a ritual
This ancient actual
unfolded my drips,
Enchanted your fictional
loosened those arms 
of your mastering grips
charmed  in our pharaonic hymn
That monothiastic priestess in your cult
i am...

"Be mine"
Your turbulent wind whispered
with your name i am bewildered
shivers run along my spine
Crucified tears in a darkened line
rain droplets lay by my window
gentle autumn breeze rests on my face
who is winning this race?
your absent presence or is it my present absence?
making all sense of my nonsense
i sink...

Drawing hearts and a broken arrow
with the yearning steam
i touch your shadow
Then  you rise
Hail to your Highness
my prince of darkness...
before thee i bow
fields of beauty in me just grow
what can i say that you don't know?

Words are cursed in your spell
your love is heaven and sweetened hell
wrapped around your thoughts,
i fly universes
within your vivid mind
we cry, laugh smile and nod
we become the even and the odd
life istself stands still
time is what we plan to kill
closed my eyes on your calling sight
stared in my darkness aspiring your light
i fight...
your black and my white
i ain't  no angel nor you are a saint
we are the mad lovers From  the kingdom of belief
drenched in my madness i still fly
riding my hopeless dream to your infinite sky
melting like all my scented candles do
cinnamon roses and amber 
exhausting the breathless hours 
expecting what you never do
spread like red petals upon your alter
carved in reliefs all over your skin
one night you will return
I linger...

Bless that shrine your absence burn
Spell my blood all over your verse
swear and yell
crash and curse
kill those fears, smash all doubts
Restore my bruised soul to your heart
that even  fate can't do us apart.


Brian Miller said...

i fly universes
within your vivid mind
we cry, laugh smile and nod
we become the even and the odd
life istself stands still

nice...i love that...and that you are mad lovers from the kingdom of belief...ha...all the spiritual conotations as well...

love is.

Pat Hatt said...

captured such a love in every way, wonderful verse on display, loved the imagery too.

henry clemmons said...

Such a love, under any circumstance, A special write. I loved the entire presentation, words, voice, photos, song, warmth, love n passion. Very kool. I like topics from the outside.

Yiota Luyu Ladybird said...

"In the temple of your love
I build a shrine" I have one such shrine myself :) This is so lovely, Abeer, trully amazing xxx

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