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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

At the corner of a memory...

As a little girl
we used to have a tree in class
there in the corner
that we brought in with laughter
much fun sharing 
with all hearts decorating
with each hanging star a wish
we were too small to get anguish
filled with dreams
Christmas was our time of joy
gathered around each with a toy
exchanging with hugs and mere innocence
the world then seemed of no importance
Dressed in red with a white beard
Santa used to visit our school
a believer of hope me,
such a little fool
i even used to buy a new dress
with my friend Catherine i visited her church
gathered my hands together and prayed
God was there
God is everywhere
In the eyes of bleeding Jesus 
as he shines in the Heart of Mohamed
like all children i was an Angel
who never got the fact 
of her best friend not being by her side
in religion class
still that Christmas tree is there
in the same corner as i stare
but where is the season laughter?
where is the jingling carols whisper?
Is it December that lost it's memory?
or have we just sadly grown up...


1 comment:

Brian Miller said...

i am afraid we have sadly grown up...a really poignant end...i think that magic is still there if we cant in...nice story telling rose...hope you are having a wonderful holiday

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