Always on My Mind you baby...

Monday, December 3, 2012


I don't want to love you
more then i already do
exhausting the wicked words
building mind castles for two
torturing the poor verse
whipping  images out of the helpless verbs
enslaving structures,
brain storming my heart in euphoric raptures
posing bare soul by your side in an imaginary frame
when nothing fulfills my wild visions
i madly erupt in the void of your silence
scream with flashing dots
beside your name

I don't want to hold you
closer then i already do
tightly cuddling your being in me
curling within my lonesome melody
chasing your image like mad lovers do
around the corners of my mind

childish fights and instant make outs
less discipline and more sneak outs
a whole life we share
as vivid as i dare
and we become negatives
shots on a celluloid of black and white.

You are  in my everywhere
yet i keep running
hallucinating hopeful lines
Drained in the tunnel of dreams
as endless as it seems
our love does grow
with my heart whispers, your roaring winds blow
burnt with infatuation they go
Helpless Butterflies...
Still dance towards the light

Fatal addiction you are my love
you make me high
for me, you are the earth and the sky
that consistent and inevitable  
My probable impossible
Then i love you more...
Hold you closer to my shore...
pick you out of all the faces i see
in my arms i set you free 
closed lids on screen shots
yearning eyes in coffee steam
living a dream inside a dream
Rolling in the harsh cold sheets of reality
stained with memories that never happened
and purified with Empty promises we will never keep.


Natasha Head said...

That was a whirlwind! Some fantastic lines, the addiction, the feeling though not wanting to...awesome!

Brian Miller said...

what an intoxicating bit of love rose....everyweek...there is some lucky guy out there...smiles.

Anonymous said...

An interesting read - and a wonderfully evocative exploration of love's need to balance holding on to the loved one and setting him/her free.

Lesley-Anne Evans said...

I thought I could hear you, spoken word like, as I read this… really impressive use of language and word combinations. I really enjoyed my first read of your work. Keep on!

Anonymous said...

amazing. God bless u.

Desert Rose said...

Thank you all..warms my heart your taking out of your time to read my poetry. much appreciated really!

Thank you Anonymous, God bless you...

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