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Thursday, December 27, 2012


Just go!
go away
stop chasing my patience in your silent presence
with the noise of your screaming absence
beg no more
i am in to the core
in control
there, out of my reach
be my granted New Year wish
come true
wholeheartedly due
fade away
like childhood promises
with the shooting star
Then stay
as close as far
wrap your heart
with my impossible ribbons
pack your dreams in my box of hope
shine in my beams for fear to elope    
Your Seasons bliss
My longing mess

Hey love, vanish...
from all the faces i see
claim your rights in me
you are Home,
my Refugee
come to light my seasonal tree
i need your pain
run out of my vein
one day i will seize to be
i breathe you as air
mean you when i share
Feel you as much as i dare 
So when it's all insane
glittering love around
like children innocence
that genuine true
for more then a lifetime, i want you
out of the blue
So i hum...

For you to come
rise in the mad chord
ride in my dream your unspoken word
just come
been feeling numb
As without you
is what i can never afford
for you the land is dressed in snow
more fireworks in my sky will blow
just come
upon my heartbeats drum
as i enchantingly sway
never never go away
or ever ever in silly pride obey
my feverish supremacy in control hallucinations.

Bench Monday, cozy home edition.

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