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Monday, December 17, 2012


You make it so hard for me not to love you, he said
love me just..
I said with a blink
like a favorite shirt,
you enjoy it's silken fabric touching your skin
that you would not wanna take it off,
yet eventually you do
you have to
Hanging it in your wardrobe for your next comfort seeking rush
in a memory's gush
along with a flashing face
that instantly fades
For your longing serenades
love me, like an all times melodious tune
Softly humming in your head
as you move on ahead
holding you grounded to where you felt yourself the most
Rising a tost
To us and Our guilty pleasures

love me, like a much awaited visit
that brings you gifts and presents, then goes
like that Excited spark in your eyes who knows
naked truth it is, our vows
love me like a peculiar scented moment
that sticks to your sense then grows
as the wind of sanity blows
shaking our lies to Exposition
Bare we stand
beneath the wind
love me, without asking for shelters
love me, like it is all going to end up soon
love me, like heavy rain, be it a monsoon
love me like a thunderous wreck
like an angry Hurricane slick
love me this euphorically flowing
love me without thinking where are we going
quit the ingredients lists  for the logic chefs
we are the mad wanderers schmucks
love me more when i am frightened
Without you on its own, sucks!
love me without knowing why or when
end with me and within me begin
love me like your last pack of cigarettes
which flavorly touch your lips
then slips
into its burning fate fire
love me, like your morning first coffee sip
that hungrily slides along your tongue tip
love me, like a wild safari trip
to the jungles of your mind
put me dearly on rewind
and start me all over again
we don't have much of a forever
and safely is not where we pull our trigger
love me then like a daring game
that you must win
like an unforgivable sin
that you will spend your eternity repent

Cut all my veins with your absence knife
bleed in me this emptiness you strive
love me savagely as raw
Be my rebellious barbarian and my platonic law
Love me that way with no regrets
Lose me easy if you might
When you get bored of my sight
nothing to lose
if you let it loose
spell your ramblings to my roaming blues   
add one more reasonable sanity bruise
to that bleeding madness we both call
Conceiving more lifetimes out of the bruises of my soul.


Brian Miller said...

Cut all my veins with your absence knife
bleed in me this emptiness you strive
love me savagely as raw...are the words that jumped out at me this week...intense and vivid a longing...

Pat Hatt said...

Some wonderful imagery at play, and great verse on display, like your use of words too, as the schmucks come due.

Heaven said...

This was a passionate write specially the last stanza ~

Very nice to meet you as well ~

Luke Prater said...

Strong imagery here. Nice piece/s

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