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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Soul Calligraphy...

I feel you,
like you are for real
I tell you,
what hurts to heal..
I stab you
as if you are made of steel
and i know
you are only made of heart

I write you
words i kill to revive
a mad verse gone sane
flowing in the rivers of drain
I burst in anticipation anger
break into expectation laughter
then fall flat on the floors of exhaustion
cut into pieces of hope and despair
but then your fire reach out
rising of the ashes of our untold story
I burn..making love to your sudden spark
like i am for real
a woman of your reel
I get pregnant of your children pains
I ache within the silent nights of in-vains
every word you say is a bullet of mercy
and those you don't, shoot me back to life

I read you
in the realms of all the books i don't read
I see you
in all the faces of these people i don't actually see
I hear you
in the voices that don't pass me by
I find you
resting upon the bosom of my mind
laying bare of your knighthood shields
a selfish lover in command
I kiss you
with those untamed lips
this beating interlining drum
And you say you don't know how to kiss?
my darling, i enjoy your little lies
within you, time never flies
Back to your lips
what did i miss?
a quiver?
or a bite??
it's alright...
let's start all over again
for imperfect perfection sakes

 And when i hold you
in my Venus armless arms
against my joyful Pearly breasts
your hunting lips wander
for a nipple of belief to suck on
and a milky way of hope to lick
your lips slick trick
press for release
mess with much ease
in my exploited cavities of dreams
stoned in your high 
rivers of moist flow
and your lips know
what to hear
just like your fingers are experts
at what exactly they should say
Before the volcanic eruption of thirst

So i tell you
in my muted tongue
all the sayings i dared to silence
in a striking revelation marathon
as i paint you
in my colorless love palette
brushing on your starving canvas on reset
one mouthful at a time
Sculpted off my wildest discipline
Deconstructed around your wackiest doctrine 
I dissolve you
in my oceans of hunger
and stained
I want you
Rain to my desert
Earth to my floating galaxies
Air to my suffocating Universe
And Fire to Burn with to the bones of My Fatal Resurrection. 


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