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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Body Party...

Straight to my heart eyes
He Shot His love arrows
From his eyes grab
And i enchanted The stab
His flesh staring at my wildest intention
in desired need of stimulated correction
Shots of  Desperate Hope 
His Chiseled 5.8 inches
burning in ropes and hinges
to my blown up mind
between his sculpted ribs i grind
euphorically blind
lost and found
within the marvels of His Exploited wonderland 
Covers carefully removed,
Shivering Lips drool,
Tongue is a hammering tool
For a taste of his liquid fuel
He the Hottest cool
The seeking Lips,
Sip, On the tip,
of his Determined Hesitation
 As my head bob and weave
Our own web of pleasure
His Skin burst in ease and pressure
Loud and mute
i play his calling flute
in a blasting brush
His Moans, My Hush  
His body awakens in selfless greed,
swoon into my infatuation need
we swing and spin
intertwined within
Excitement Leaks heavenly on tongue,
As soft lips slid on the run
Down his shafted flesh,
that's harder then my resistant control
Then i fall
deeper in his well
His every screaming cell
is a stamped invitation to his feast reception 
The complete collection
is mine...
just like He is.

Released on my kingdom of liberty
Revealed in His Streets of Ecstasy
I am the wicked player and The Toy
Beneath my pink valleys of joy
He wonders his warmth rivers
The King of His Abs and veins, triggers
unfolded upon my mind hungry shores
Exotically Ripped
Of his scented Sweat i dipped
And what the Thirsty Ocean do with His Playful waves?
What the Spring Does to the Cherry trees
Come, Please.. 

Ah, My Baby
I kiss your Mind lips
I kiss your drops and drips
your Random Thoughts bits
And i would mercilessly kiss your words Hips
I Hold your Madness in Softened grips
like  Fuzzy Snowballs of bliss
your gates shutters roar as mine hiss
Welcome to where you should never miss
Let my Eyes invite you
To where the senses feast and fist
To where the glances blur and mist
To our Very Own After Hours best... Body Party.    


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