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Monday, September 15, 2014

The Teacher...

Being the Master,
The Moonlight Side effect
and the Sunshine Disaster
Your Love, My Teacher..
Your Love taught me to run without a path
nor a destination
To live without a life invitation
To get what you can't give, with no expectation
To enjoy the insanity of your reason
And the reason-ability of My Hallucinations 
Your love taught me to cry without cry,
to laugh without a smile
and to speak my heart out without a word.
like an acoustic Classic without a chord  
your love taught my blue bird
To fly without wings,
to believe what it wouldn't think,
to hold on to the thin air 
and to walk on the water of certainty.
Your love set the blue bird free
to a skyline of stars without constellation
Your love unchained the beast in me
and the beauty 
Your love is so clever
Now i can ecstatically shiver
without a touch...
I can also scream
without a voice
just like i Dream with no sleep.
And i can curl within the happiness of my weep
i learned the calligraphy of nostalgia
and the Soulful Alphabet of the flesh
Because your love taught me
to write you without a quill
To hug you tighter with no arms
And shed your blood within a kiss
To taste your sweetness without a tongue, 
To be at your Turmoils ring frailly strong,
your love taught me to Burn to the ashes of yearning
without a fire or such

Your Love taught me that much
Me..your lady of nonsense
the presence of your absence
i Pose where you shell
melting in your frozen hell
i am the sweeter bitter
the given beggar
the plain sheet lover
and the stain
the irrelevant relevant
and the main
The everything of your nothing
and the None to your whole
the loudest silence 
at your call
the quietest thunders
of your howl
as you rise
i fall
at the feet of your longing
said and done
me the moon, you the sun
we eternally turn
and we burn
In the Freezing orbits of our Minds lifesaving embrace.  


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