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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Your Birthday Special...

They said your cheek is so soft,
They said your hug is the tightest
They don't know darling,
You are only made of my roughest love skin
and The flesh of my verse
Where you get to share my mind life 
Where i get to pill you up
for ecstacy
Coat you cherry,
Cinnamon and Honey
Where I would color you black and white
like the rainbow of my love
you are but my dreams dream walking on two
you are but this silent scream i hold it through
you are where the roses bloom in my heart
and when i gigantically pose bare to the world
you are when i am the fearless and the madness
and when i fly in my gravitational stillness
Paralyzed feet yes... 
but the soul has wings 
you are that smoke dance of my cigarette
and the fireworks of my first morning coffee steam
you are that mad stanza hitting me while doing the dishes
or that word i hold in my throat while giving a lecture
about The mysterious death of Tut Ankh Amon.
You are when its time for my father's shot
And when by the sea i walk my dogs of solitude
you are when i burn my food
salt my tea and undress for work
and when i forget my dreams
Then find them in your soul pocket

You live in my mind
i have a bed for you upon my juicy lips
where we make love in your every public speech
And cuddle whenever i wear my glossy lipstick of words
before your screen stare
In my mind living room
You get to hold the remote control on the sofa of my eyelids
surfing my visual channels
for the exotic show of our memories replay
Holding a bag of My Doritos Puns
Shining like million Splendid Suns
In your Majestic Halo
And whenever you gulp i swallow
your pouring nectar,
sweet and sour  
we dine upon the table of my breasts
sharing bits of ourselves with the bites 
Lavishly humming each other's recipes
ringing the feverish cups in a BoĆ«rl & Kroff Toss 
Cheers baby,
Here's to our telepathic lust. 

what are we missing in my mind?
Ah! you also get dressed up in my mind
in Those Neruda metaphors and Cummings brackets
we ride Rumi's magical lines to the wonderland of Poe
we get to drink with Bukowski, Chill with Dorothy Parker
Grab a Smoke with Sexton and wander with Thoreau
we get to spell then all the things we don't know
in my mind life
we are who we are
the mad lover and the superstar
in my mind life we get to be
That intimate and free
just a you and a me
you take off all your masks of duty
And i unlock all these chains of time
wearing only our loving make up
and exposed in every rebellious kiss
we turn to each other, sleep in the blink of an arm
i hold you closest and shelter within you in a hugless hug
Sometimes we crumble at the bloody floors of my mind
and cry across the dark fields of melancholy 
your silence at times cultivates in my desert
and the winter rose bud shivers in dew
those are times when i run from you to you
for sunshine
Then we laugh aloud
laying cheerfully on my head thoughts grass ground
Touching your Playful chiseled Abs
calling each one its given name
How many sets should i blame?
for such bursting sweat?
from head to toe
i recall your bare skin stars show   
dancing around my ecstatic rhymes,
your clever eyes get away with all their crimes
Then we marvel at that polar bear of your nose
how i love your Aristocratic skyline nose
And here, your lips.. my most disastrous meteor 
How splendid is your orbited face!
So, i euphorically fly
within you to you
lost in the galaxies of your being universe
never wanting to be found.
And in my mind life 
we lovingly work hard
and you earn my every poetic Award
Time after time
We get High on a day like Today
I blow you superlatives balloons
And i light you my own poems candles
in my mind life,
i kiss you my Heart wishes     
And in my mind life,
i get to wrap myself in red Satin ribbons 
as your most special gift
And Sugar on to be...
Your very own Birthday Cake.    

He came, He Saw and He conquered..i am flying Highest in your love My Shah
i love you more then you'll ever know...




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