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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year Love...

I don't believe them
those who say it's just a myth
my Santa exists!
He wears his heart upon his sleeve
a tie and a Hat
my Santa is a night bat
He comes to my mind
when all my reasons are asleep

and plays with my sadness
his games of love and madness
years fly with him in me

and every new year i make my list
of things i can no more resist

So be

just be for me  
this coming year too
as pink as blue
turn into my intimate fantasies,
grow longer arms and hold me tighter

meet me where our happenings encounter
touch me on your way to your way
touch me all the way of my way

across the happenings skies of distance
color yourself nude

chained as you from me to me, elude
polish my nails of herd
then land on my expecting lips
and paint your absence red
wear your black cloak of silence
and hold on to my moaning eyelashes 
that firm and thick
and waterproof

then unbutton that shirt of my rush
and lay bare on my rosy cheeks, a blush
whatever you seek darling,
only you, seeks
blow your hot comings winds
into my dripping wet hairs of longing
dry my anger off in a life breath 
sprinkle your sandalwood arrival
with your parting amber lips
around my neck
and when i slip into my night gown of yearning
i want you to curl into those laces of solitude
relocate my orbits of magnitude
upon your heart equator

See, i thought i would make you a list
of things i want from you to be
so naive of me
all i want is for you to just be
that skin deep into me
i won't wear you in lines and shades
not even in linguistic texture
or sweat you in lusting moisture
but i shall breathe you in an intimate linger
a shrieking holler
as mute as a screech
i want your happenings  on the leach
so i will put my red loving on and a hat
sledge on your words in the snowy speech
fill my sac with your unmade wishes
and wrap my mind gifts with poetic ribbons
at your Happy New Year lighted tree.


This Year has been so good to me and i know the best is yet to come..
May all your moments are filled with only love, happiness and heart joys Shah..
May you find as much beauty in your eyes as you bring to ours..
God Bless you and your loved ones..
Happy New Year to you,

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