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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Poem you love

I want to poem you Happiness
in a Mouthful of Forevers.
Pen-dot you lines of nows
compose you the dole of timeless presents
that hum into my soul
every time your safety scent doves roam around
so that you keep spreading your presence wings 
as i to you,
I want to poem you places
that don't exist but in your eyes,
so you can see how beautiful you make me
in a gaze
I want to poem you kingdoms of roses
that don't grow but on your lips
so that you taste the nectar of your kiss
I want to poem you universes of constellations
that only shine in your smile
so that you can feel how dark is my night
until you come
I want to poem you the swarm of butterflies
that immigrate to my mind off your voice
every time you speak,
so that you never stop.
I want to poem you all the words
that are still to be invented
to describe the cities that i visit
every time you touch your hair
I want to verse you the time that stands still
every time you come for a literal hug.
so that u can feel how it is like to be hugged by you
I want to word you the nights of light
you moon when you step in my soul
every time your eyes close on a mind life dream that i live
So that you will sleep some more and rest
in the arms of my poetic nest
where warmth is a bone cracker
and the heartbeat is but a lullaby.

I want to sing you the orchestra of silence
your absence plays in the alleys of my fears
so that you can listen to the calling tears
on your cheek     
I want to ballad you the old-times 80s blues, 
your absence acoustically rocks in my solitude backstage
so that you never stop rolling
on the notes of my quatrains
in "Foreigner" dots
and Morrison muted strings
I want to play you the carousel of goosebumps
that turns me upside down
every time your forehead giggles 
so that you know how spectacular
it gets to be when you frown
i want to once,
call you my own...
before swallowing my tongue
i want to lyric you all the songs
that are yet to be composed in the name of love
so that you feel the alphabetical fares
i like a stammering kid, adventurously ride
every time you bite your lower lip on a sigh

i want to hymn you the deserts of Ecstasy
that your hands fertile when they drizzle
every time you wave
i want to paste you after shave
to my longing skin
i want to rain you cats of your wonderful
and dogs of your magnificence 
pour of your essence
so that you blossom
at the monsoon of your own touch
i want to screen shot that blush
you cheeks redden at my words rush
when i say it all in a hush
i want to letter you the skies of safety
that your presence sunshine
every time your fat fingers heavy pet my mind
O i want to tell you all that had Never been told by human tongue
i want to say that you belong
where homelands begin and never end
where home is a person
and the land s but the soul acres of poetry. 

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