Always on My Mind you baby...

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


"How did it feel, kissing yourself?"
the short message sent said
as if there could be any words enough to tell
a shooting star of my mind life sky,
carrying the endless times i wished upon its rise
for just one peck... 
I don't know if you have any clue
how endearing it is,
your being you 
How lucky you are my love,
living within your beautiful skin
glowing in your tanned skyline
like a full moon in a lover's night
you touch your hair
and the heartbeats of the world race
defying all rules of gravity  
your hair rises
and the shy buds of yearning,
this beard scratch
so fuzzy like there is nothing wrong with this life  
or could ever be
like your finally hugging me

and you get to bite your lower lip
can you imagine how many dreams are made of this sight?
then you smile
spreading the gateways of heaven 
where not an eye had seen
or an ear ever before heard
you speak and the words come out dancing
on the tunes of your voice
like they have a choice!
how melodious it is
you can then listen to you!  
you hold your hand at times
and there is no more countries or borders
distance becomes only the space between your fingers
where my heart to you lingers
you can see your face whenever you wish
this is how miraculous being you is!
it takes only a mirror glance
for the universe to unfold its colors in your eyes
as you stare for a clean shaven after a role
and the long hours run like minutes then,
in your make up room.

you get to breathe your scented air
bathe in your aromatic sweat
stay awake with yourself all night
and hold your tiered self when you lay down as tight
you don't need shooting stars
or new year wishes
you can hug your heart and the pain will heal

and when you cry,
the tears are but your own soul kisses
you close your eyelids and shut the world away
at your mind door, my poems and i by then lay ashtray
but i understand, it's okay to be at times selfish
and take all of your precious self to you

Excited dreams come cheering
hoping to be seen
your brain is also mean
keeping all your random thoughts in
you wake up to your sleepy voice
asking for Coffee
and your fingers searching for the lighter
what daylight could ever be brighter,
than your face at the tiny steps of your in your arms jumping li'l one  
not even the sun
could bring more warmth
than what your eyes at his smile radiate  
so what if you get up late
time stops with your being with you
now you can see how much  jealous i am my love
of how lucky you are with your solitude
and How wonderful it is, 
just to be your most beautiful self fan.



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