Always on My Mind you baby...

Sunday, November 13, 2016


It's night time
and you're like its moon
at this carnival of stars,
on a shopping spree
Wearing your absence tee
matched with those pants of Camouflage
in your Super star Golden Goose
treading on my sky of blues
and posing behind tinted glass
in an Hexagonal take on life
and light
They tell about you,
The darker they get,
the clearer i see
like the night before Diwali,
darkened, your inky four eyes of a heart.
Surfing the vitrines of my yearning
checking the tags of these burning sighs
what is it you wanna buy my love? 
more than time...
browsing the show cases of my heartbeats
branded your designer comings
and Guccied my anticipation.

So, while you're there
Check the counters of my every stare
at your priceless face, fixed
stroll at the aisles of my happiness wear
every time your smile to me, bursts
try my wishing you were here gadgets
sometimes what you wish for, 
for you technically, wishes 
Shelve the oversized fears 
bag for me the -locked for hours in your bathroom- tears 
let's keep in shape for the coming cheers!
and pay with hope our laughter receipt
and if you must do it
lose the burdens of credit 
let your lips in my love, spend
expired resistance cards numbers, 
transaction only in kisses,
your hands on the haunt
chasing my patience pulse
and counting the knots of my nerves at your literal touch

Poeming you out of my mind cocoon,
the words swoon 
at my cheeks blush.
You came and the caterpillar verse
turned into a butterfly
which of my alphabetical gowns you most liked? 
 if any?
or as many...
and do my poetic online orders out to you, reach?
in my mega store of faith
some dreams are sold out
and you can take with every doubt,
a full package of epic certainty
grab this opportunity!
on sale my insecurity
and in store a new collection of elan
in my blood rushing alleys,
your inspecting fingers ran
getting of my soul a hold
what have your glass eyes, my single one told?
this being on show
you will never know
your gazes coming
with wrapped boxes of pleasure
price tagged in love
purchasing at my bewilderment 
every minute an awe
For in the luxurious mall of my waiting
your loaded eyes my love,
just went shopping.

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