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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Party time...

every moment with you is a party!
a feast to all my senses
you should be celebrated my love
in a calendar of your own
i see you at the corner of my fantasy
playing the guitar of possibilities,
and inviting me 
I sit at the table of your lips
drink your cocktail of pain and pleasure
chat with your dancing dimples at the stage of my awe
I listen to the music of your hairs
twirl around the tunes of those stares
and when you hum
my heart is but a drum
as i into you

I wear your unsaid words dress
sprinkle your coming to me aroma
and step into your patience high heels
i know how it feels
to ride into your hands
smash at your chest bar
all those bottles of wait
and get a double heart beats on the rocks
within your arms longest shot
i laughed a lot!
at the adventures
your aristocratic nose told
be it the sinus chronicles or the often visiting common cold
and how it takes me to every line
all the way down to your lips dripping wine
I keep coming back to my table
every time you spill
my soul on refill
and at the sofa of your words
I rest
holding my whole world in your chest
and hiding you in my love bosom
I take the night's hand
to the starry terrace of your solitude
I walk by your silence side
your fears and my tears confide
our steps collide
on the road of hope
and to our forgotten dreams, we elope
your shy feet and i
have in the socks of time,
a shelter
our party in a whisper
where your yearning gazes
slide my longing door
as i dance my bewilderment
at your eyelashes floor
shaking the distance body
and breaking at our-despite it all- oneness, a leg

They keep me on my toes
those kisses your mind mouth blows
to the crowd of my pores
of your eyes fireworks stores,
the yearning cracks
and soars the need
off their blankness i read
your Osirid love Hymns 
and with my metaphoric stares
i Isis you back my magic
and burn within the poetry
to life.    

Then i let loose
at your darling mind abs show 
sliding around your resistance pole,
my control strips 
your erupting veins take me on field trips
i visit every blood rush
bursting fire at your cheeks blush
when by the crowd before your epic eyes i pass
a face made up of your love
full cheeks rounded with your comings
juicy lips colored your name
and a wind of hairs whistling at your Safari window pane   
blowing the candles of your special day cake
and making upon your "loved it " smile sigh a wish
may this party never ends my love, 
and may you stay forever 
my perfect party animal.



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