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Monday, November 28, 2016

Slice of life...

As the alarm clock rings
I turn to my lonely pillow
with your face
please go back to sleep, 
just one more dream...
so real it would seem!
i have your eyes here in my chest
as you see through my heart
your lips are not sealed 
in the arms of my breast
in my bosom, 
you all of it,
it is not as cold
anymore in my bones
a queen in my dreams you made me,
without a game or its thrones
gushing like a Northern wind,
your prince charming whispers
to my beautiful mind Cinderella 
losing at your silence ball a shoe
and running in the after hours of midnight
for a piece of your lucid delight
turning this stained kitchen apron
into a fancy gown of stars
and this pumpkin heart
into a glittered chariot of dreams
shaping the hungry rats of my soul
into wild horses of hopes
riding through your fairy tale mist
but halas! i do exist
though in this dimension, wish not i was
not even a poem i am, nor a prose
May be a Grenouille scentless
or an Atwood invisible gush of air
if i turned my head away from you
or if i stare
so i dare
to bite the forbidden apple 
of your love
wait in my snow-white years of sleep
for your one reviving kiss.
My Coffee pot
still steaming hot
a well covered up water jug
and at my hand's pick, eyes drops   
jealous sun rays
sneak on my wet cheeks
for a morning kiss
and a swinging chair
that doesn't at my poetic confessions,
voicemails from work
family gathering alert 
messages that i don't read 
ticked seen
the world that i don't live in
in me, lives
and there at the corner of my solitude
piles the whole week laundry
but it kept screaming,
asking for a snooze or a hit
time knows how to call for your attention
and you helplessly every time, bid
so i left the bed
to my reel self, instead 
in my night gown of your fantasy,
i gazed into my mirror of reality
and took a brave Alice leap,
into my dear life's wonderland. for it is the case with us the dreamers my love,
in our world, you can't really tell which is which.





Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How to love you?

How to love you?
if there is a how to love that is
been wondering all the way
in my daily walk by the beach
where the waves crash
in order to reach
at the shore of my eyes
i see you, the truth you are
running within my visions
the further the deeper
a letter-go as a keeper
come closer,
told me the beach..
and i felt your breeze on my face
cold and salty

How to love you?
with the rhyming word?
or the gazes sword?
through the layers of our poetical dimension
or the colorful lines of a street wall graffiti?
what's in a flesh meet
where would i fit a normal greet!
without running into your arms like a refugee
and you are but Home
what's in a shot with your eyes wearing glass
where would i unload my longing strass
if you keep down your curtains to light
and i am but a ball of sun fire and might
what's in a picture..
that will remain witness on the moment of separation
and a scent that will no matter what, invite limitation 
and torture
what's in a voice you already hear
every night at the back of your head
reciting you poetry that was never written,
coming to your face once with a formal hello!
what's in a handshake
where people throw their dais of acceptance
while we already turned the wheel
and got a full spade
our hands would mate
feverishly grinding all that wait
and melting under the pressure of time
our hands would lip lock
like birds of a flock
fingers entwined
hardened to sweat
universes would erupt
at our hands arousing touch
is it asking too much?
what's in it to break
after all, it is just our handshake 

Is it the fact that we actually do exist
that bothers us so much?
within each other yet out of reach
what's in a few minutes in heaven
then a lifetime in hell
what's in a lifetime made in a few minutes
and a forever of want
what's in a hug
that once in, everything changes
i would then breathe what's in between your ribs
speak the language of your heartbeats
listen only to the humming sounds off your cage bird
and see nothing but the night sky of your hair
my arms would spread no more but on your loneliness
and in my chest, would play an orchestra of wishes
and make believes
then you would perhaps let go
unwrap your warmth off my winter skin
and leave me shiver
as i stand taken under your weather  
furiously trying to rewind my mind strip
and pause at your casual wave
after you sign my book
that trip we took
in a moment out of time
will then become a memory that i will treasure
and you will probably, forget.

Thing is my love,
i don't know a way to love you
but to love you
out of this world Einestein insane
meeting you in a verse or prose 

striking with your quotes a pose
hugging you tighter in between the lines
and with your every word to my hand's desire
an all night long, dream handshake. 




Sunday, November 13, 2016


It's night time
and you're like its moon
at this carnival of stars,
on a shopping spree
Wearing your absence tee
matched with those pants of Camouflage
in your Super star Golden Goose
treading on my sky of blues
and posing behind tinted glass
in an Hexagonal take on life
and light
They tell about you,
The darker they get,
the clearer i see
like the night before Diwali,
darkened, your inky four eyes of a heart.
Surfing the vitrines of my yearning
checking the tags of these burning sighs
what is it you wanna buy my love? 
more than time...
browsing the show cases of my heartbeats
branded your designer comings
and Guccied my anticipation.

So, while you're there
Check the counters of my every stare
at your priceless face, fixed
stroll at the aisles of my happiness wear
every time your smile to me, bursts
try my wishing you were here gadgets
sometimes what you wish for, 
for you technically, wishes 
Shelve the oversized fears 
bag for me the -locked for hours in your bathroom- tears 
let's keep in shape for the coming cheers!
and pay with hope our laughter receipt
and if you must do it
lose the burdens of credit 
let your lips in my love, spend
expired resistance cards numbers, 
transaction only in kisses,
your hands on the haunt
chasing my patience pulse
and counting the knots of my nerves at your literal touch

Poeming you out of my mind cocoon,
the words swoon 
at my cheeks blush.
You came and the caterpillar verse
turned into a butterfly
which of my alphabetical gowns you most liked? 
 if any?
or as many...
and do my poetic online orders out to you, reach?
in my mega store of faith
some dreams are sold out
and you can take with every doubt,
a full package of epic certainty
grab this opportunity!
on sale my insecurity
and in store a new collection of elan
in my blood rushing alleys,
your inspecting fingers ran
getting of my soul a hold
what have your glass eyes, my single one told?
this being on show
you will never know
your gazes coming
with wrapped boxes of pleasure
price tagged in love
purchasing at my bewilderment 
every minute an awe
For in the luxurious mall of my waiting
your loaded eyes my love,
just went shopping.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Party time...

every moment with you is a party!
a feast to all my senses
you should be celebrated my love
in a calendar of your own
i see you at the corner of my fantasy
playing the guitar of possibilities,
and inviting me 
I sit at the table of your lips
drink your cocktail of pain and pleasure
chat with your dancing dimples at the stage of my awe
I listen to the music of your hairs
twirl around the tunes of those stares
and when you hum
my heart is but a drum
as i into you

I wear your unsaid words dress
sprinkle your coming to me aroma
and step into your patience high heels
i know how it feels
to ride into your hands
smash at your chest bar
all those bottles of wait
and get a double heart beats on the rocks
within your arms longest shot
i laughed a lot!
at the adventures
your aristocratic nose told
be it the sinus chronicles or the often visiting common cold
and how it takes me to every line
all the way down to your lips dripping wine
I keep coming back to my table
every time you spill
my soul on refill
and at the sofa of your words
I rest
holding my whole world in your chest
and hiding you in my love bosom
I take the night's hand
to the starry terrace of your solitude
I walk by your silence side
your fears and my tears confide
our steps collide
on the road of hope
and to our forgotten dreams, we elope
your shy feet and i
have in the socks of time,
a shelter
our party in a whisper
where your yearning gazes
slide my longing door
as i dance my bewilderment
at your eyelashes floor
shaking the distance body
and breaking at our-despite it all- oneness, a leg

They keep me on my toes
those kisses your mind mouth blows
to the crowd of my pores
of your eyes fireworks stores,
the yearning cracks
and soars the need
off their blankness i read
your Osirid love Hymns 
and with my metaphoric stares
i Isis you back my magic
and burn within the poetry
to life.    

Then i let loose
at your darling mind abs show 
sliding around your resistance pole,
my control strips 
your erupting veins take me on field trips
i visit every blood rush
bursting fire at your cheeks blush
when by the crowd before your epic eyes i pass
a face made up of your love
full cheeks rounded with your comings
juicy lips colored your name
and a wind of hairs whistling at your Safari window pane   
blowing the candles of your special day cake
and making upon your "loved it " smile sigh a wish
may this party never ends my love, 
and may you stay forever 
my perfect party animal.



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