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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Phone call...

is taking me to you tonight
is carrying me there
softly and tight
I don't fight
is running within me
resettling me beside the phone
on the side of my bed
I sit
not that comfortably sitting
as if i am sitting on the edge of my fate
wondering if i was late?
scared and certain
watching the waving curtain
a woman who is not me
calling a man who might be him
the man whose name is "him"
who is ultimately wearing his words
and leaving me naked within my silence
a man who might turn out to be a voice
who might turn around to be a face in the crowd
a pulse that brings life in me
the man whose pain has set me free
a frightened woman i see
is dialing these eight numbers
like the crashing thunders
for a word
or a silent breathe
he might answer with a "hello"
a "yes"
or a "who"
she would surprise him with her ignorant silence
as if she doesn't remember who she is exactly
most likely,
he might recognize her hesitation
as if she doesn't know
who she was calling
tears of joy were falling
and his voice penetrates her
no "hello"
no "yes"
nor a "who"
just a "how are you?"
as if he knew
when the time is due
It would be her
the woman who is his blue
madly searching for a reason
to be so lost in his gravity
the woman who is just an identity
that only shines within his clue
"I expected your call"
He said
perfect timing
melodious rhyming
I heard with your tender sigh
as the night was our witness,we were swallowed by time.


Claudia said...

...swallowed by - like this!

dulce said...

Wow Wow and
My dear woman, you've made of a longed phone call the most precious loving thing of this life.
as if i am sitting on the edge of my fate...*

Oh it's really magic.
I really do love your poems!


Desert Rose said...

@Claudia thank you,and yeah..sometimes we wish time never passes or if it has to,it should keep us there trapped in these beautiful moments simply out of time..:)

@Dulce longing in itself is a volcano of emotions that is on the edge of erupting at a touch or a sigh..:)
so loving you coming around querida,you are brilliantly amazing yourself..:)

Abrazitos :)

sarah said...


Nevine said...

Oh, what a teasing game that is! When we know who is calling... and we pick up the phone... and don't answer... thinking to play with the other... but they know we are playing with them...

A delightful write, and playful, as well, Abeer. Like a little tickle to the side while we are sitting quietly... unexpectedly so! Have a delightful rest of your Sunday. And sallemeely 3ala el helwa Masr! ;-)


Anonymous said...

this was a wonderful roller coaster ride from the start to the finish.

You had me all the way and I was not even buckled in....

Desert Rose said...

@sara thank you,i m humbled with your sweet visit..:)would look for your book..honored :)

@Nevine i knew you would love that one ya is that game of unasked questions and unspelled answers ;)
El 7elwa Masr btsallem 3aliki w ba33talk 7odn kbeer w bosa..w bt2ollk mestaniaki..;)
big hug darling have a great week..:)

Desert Rose said...

@Sir Thomas when it comes from you..i am really humbled,i mean you write amazingly flowing lines that keep me stunned in my place,not even a breath comes glad you enjoyed it..thank you for the inspiring words..:)

joanny said...

The Desert Rose strikes again, sensual, and profound phone call between two lovers, many layered nuances being revealed in the art of relationships.


Kay said...

i love it when he answers...

maddening when time doesn't allow...

mesmerizing write.

joanny said...

He who hath not seen Cairo hath not seen the world. Her soil is gold; her Nile is a marvel; her women are like the black-eyed virgins of Paradise; her houses are palaces; and her air is soft, as sweet-smelling as aloe-wood, rejoicing the heart. And how can Cairo be otherwise, when she is the Mother of the World?

--"A Thousand and One Nights"

Thought of you when I received this in an email today,had to share - sure fits you,

Desert Rose said...

@Joanny how sweet of you darling to share with me that beautiful piece..and one day we will meet in Egypt and will make your drink from the marvelous will love it as much as i do..your comment really warmed my heart Joanny..thank you for being such a sweetheart..:)

hugs:))from the beautiful Cairo :)

Desert Rose said...

@Kay..yeah,he always does..often with a sigh and lighting one more cigarette..and sinking in his loud silence that i hear...;)

steveroni said...

How have I not been here before now, since I DO know several of your Peeps? They keep good secrets--grin!

You are a poet with memory, imagination, and ability to tell a story unencumbered by words which would leave one guessing.

Time has swallowed much of my life, even yet today. Funny, because I do not even BELIEVE in time as one moment before or after another.

Your style is VERY compatible. Thank you!

Nimue said...

the end was like .. breath taking !!! stunning !!! am still lost in that night i guess :)

joanny said...

Desert Rose

Your welcome,

It would be wonderful to go to Cairo, when I think about such things, I ponder --once I see the moon from the other side of the world, I may never be the same.


Brian Miller said...

you have such a wicked beautiful flow to your happy too he was expecting her call...felt warm....thanks for linking up to oneshot again!

Magnus Holmgren said...

I love this, so melodic & with such flow! I take a bow.

Pete Marshall said...

once again you told a great story with such an elegant flow...a great poem to link to one shot..and i am so glad she made the call...cheers Pete

Desert Rose said...

@Steveroni so happy you had the time to stop by)Time flies only at the presence of the beloved,who might only be there only with a sigh..and a "how are you" thank you so much for your comment..feel free to roam around..:)

@nimue sweet nimue..happy to know you enjoyed that night,i certainly did too writing it..;)

@Joanny Cairo is spreading its day we shall meet there :)

Desert Rose said...

@Brian thank you means a lot coming from you..:)

dustus said...

Emotions wrapped around tensions of hopes, expectations, insecurity, and feeling shine through your lines with great impact. My favorite line among many is "just a 'how are you?'" Not sure why, seems genuine and contrasts well with all the others. cheers :)

Desert Rose said...

Dear Adam thank you for your sweet comment,and you got it right..that just a "how are you" has a powerful turn in the whole poem..glad you enjoyed it :) One stop happy i m there..:)

Kira Stann said...

I love the flow of your poems, and I love the portrayal of vulnerability losing a moment. Thanks for sharing!

moondustwriter said...

Ahh the sweetly awaited words at the other end.
Anticipating love can be painful or glorious

Thanks for sharing with One Shot

beams from the Moon

Glynn said...

That gradual build-up of tension and then - wham -- there it is. Nice one.

Amanda said...

This is in one work leaves me speechless. I reslly love coming here. Keep writing girlfriend x

TALON said...

I really loved "swallowed by time" - and what a lovely way to spend it :)

scraps of starlight said...

A deliciously intriging poem!

Desert Rose said...

@Kira stann thank you Kira for the sweet words,love having you always around..:)

@Moondustwriter so happy you Enjoyed it Moon,it means a lot coming from you are such an amazing poet yourself..cheers :)

@Glynn as Moon said,anticipating love can be glorious and painful,but i am glad it ended up swallowed by time..;)

Desert Rose said...

@Talon thank you for your comment,and what a way to spend the time INDEED..;) happy to see you darling..:))

@scraps of starlight thank you so much for your presence and sweet words,feel free to roam around..Enjoy your Wednesday..:)

Caty said...

sounds like a great phone call. I'm glad it was perfect timing! Lovely writing...I read it twice :)

Jessie said...

so many beautiful lines here. you've certaintly captured longing, desire, and a bit of suspense here.

warm smiles,

PattiKen said...

"sitting on the edge of my fate"

That is a wonderful phrase in a poem full of wonderful phrases. You have captured the anxiety and fear of rejection everyone feels when taking the first step. really good.

(If this is a repeat, I apologize. Blogger seemed to eat the first attempt.)

Anonymous said...

you know I wrote a story about Egypt once did you read it? if not and would like too.... look back in my logs... tell me what you think

Kat Mortensen said...

Romantic and sensual, nice!

April said...

Absolutely loved this...tried commenting yesterday, however some difficulties posting here on blogger, on some blogs (frustrating) ~ this was so well much into the awaited phone call, the emotions. Quite an impact, very well done! :) ~April

Anonymous said...

Ah, the hesitant joys of new love. I love the easy stream-of-consciousness flow of your words.

Sorry Blogger won't post Wordpress lately, so this is coming in as anonymous...

Emmanuel Ibok said...

What a call...glad it turned out nicely...cheers.

emily wierenga said...

sitting on the edge of fate... your words make me shiver.

william said...

very well written piece, superb

Desert Rose said...

@Caty thank you dear for your stopping by,and it warmed my heart you enjoyed it as much..:) and what a perfect timing it was alright..;) all the love from Cairo..:)

@jessie Ah sweet glad you enjoyed the phone call here..lovely to have you darling..thank you so much :)

@Patti thank you Patti,i so enjoy your writing as well,puts a smile on my face coming from you ..:)

Desert Rose said...

@Sir Thomas i went there and i so loved it!!!very well written and you got me to the Nile cruise in a moment out of time..:)

@Kat Mortensen thank you Kat for your stopping by at my sanctuary,feel free to come anytime so much appreciated :)

Desert Rose said...

@April thank you April,glad you made it through the difficulties of blogger i have been facing some myself lately posting my replies to you all..:)as your presence and feedback means a lot to me and i am delighted to one stop to have made me meet such wonderful people like you all..:)

@anonymous i know blogger has been acting up lately,never mind dear,happy you enjoyed the intensity and the passion of my phone call..:)

@Emmanuel lbok thank you..appreciated:)

Desert Rose said...

@emily wierenga oh what a sweet comment you wrote dear sincere and filled with on top of the world my words made you shiver..thank you for being here hope to see you always around..:)

@william thank you very much nice of you to stop by at my sanctuary..:)
humbled with your graciousness all of you.. thank you:)

JH_Poetry said...

Nicely written, I could envision this piece, very detailed. I like!

Desert Rose said...

Thank you dear JH ..your sweet comment means a lot,poetry is all about envisioning the feeling i think..glad it reached you well..:)

Fireblossom said...

Sweet. I love the picture with the dandelions to go with this. Oh, a simple phone call can be so much more, can't it?

Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and for your lovely comment!

Teresa said...

What a wonderful dramatic poem. It definitely hooked me from the first line.

Desert Rose said...

@fireblossom thank you so much darling,so sweet of you to stop by,loved your blog..:)

@Teresa i am so much humbled by your presence and your beautiful comment dear ,hope to see you again :)

Jenna said...

Absolutely beautiful. So many emotions captured within this poem.

Timoteo said...

I've never seen so much emotion breathed into one phone call! (And thanks for visiting me!)

Wild Rose said...

Oh my darling, i haven't had such a beautiful phone call in a while. You took me running softly with you eagerly awaiting that ring from him.

"ultimately wearing his words and leaving me naked is 'him'..shaking..waiting

Just beautiful words you wove and the best part is he answered it and was expecting it saw him doing all that so vivid.
Your words understand me as i do understand your soul my queen.

Love always~
Wild Rose.

Kavita said...

This was so beautiful...
When you hear those sweet nothings that you least expected (esp. from the one you really adore), it really makes you feel on top of the world.. doesn't it?!
This was such a romantic poem.. I loved reading it... And am off to read it again... :)
Happy writing!!

Desert Rose said...

@Jenna thank you darling,glad you stopped is my pleasure always :)

@Tim oh you know how a phone call can bring you life in just one breathe..:) thanks for youe nice words :)

@Kavita the emotions lead me to that one and on top of the world i was..glad you liked it darling..:)

Desert Rose said...

@Wild rose you my dear Queen,you do know how much a phone call can do,and this one would bring life in a sigh..:) love having you in my sanctuary Queen,you shine on..;)

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