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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Too beautiful it was
like a dream
that never ends
in my eyes
you are

Too beautiful we were
burning in the steam
our love sheds
in silent sighs
Too close yet this far
you are

Too beautiful to last
this future that is the now
and the past
gray is our broadcast
too much fog
verses in a blog
frozen tears
swallowed fears
savage cries
unanswered whys
Lines of guilt
initials on the side of a woven quilt
trembling warmth
as winter comes
when i once thought
all the seasons are here
only when you are

like a star
you smile to me
haunting my ecstasy
with your absence
painting my existence
with these unspoken words
you never said
these open arms hugs
you never spread
wearing on that lifetime moment
we never actually spent
around my heart
whispering in my nape
breathing your escape
upon my skin

dressed in your words
stripping off all boards
my melancholy
That all i have for now
is just a sweet memory
that is too beautiful
to pass by
without being slayed
in its bittersweet


dustus said...

Deep poem. "Lines of guilt / initials on the side of a woven quilt..." adds another dimension and provides and interesting visual. Glad you took part today, Abeer, prompts such as this seem like a great starting point for your creative, heartfelt lines :)

Helena Malheur said...

A beautiful love poem, as you do so well! :)

Claudia said...

there's so much sadness and longing in your beautiful words, very much like the flow of this
have a wonderful sunday Abeer

M.L. Gallagher said...

the beauty of love
the sadness of loss
the sorrow of parting

it is all here in your poem, beautifully unfolding with each line.


Shigune Matsui said...

Cool! Here's mine

Wysteria said...

Beautifully written. I enjoyed the read


Anonymous said...

I adore your love poems, they always find that spot that makes my knees go quivery! Excellent!

Dulce said...

too good to be described analized or critizised.
love your love poems ;)

Aquarius63 said...

I have those kind of sweet memories, I will never let them go and always hold on to hope.

A most beautifully profound poem.


Fireblossom said...

Oh, Desert Rose. This cuts deep. This section

"when i once thought
all the seasons are here
only when you are"

stopped me in my tracks. I know just the feeling you mean. And the last few lines, well, they're difficult to read for their raw and devastating pain. It does, you know, feel just like that. But of course you know...your entire poem says so.

Btw, thanks as always for your lovely comment about mine. I'm glad if it made you feel a little lighter! :-)

hedgewitch said...

"..haunting my ecstasy
with your absence..."so many powerful images and analogies in this. The whole poem is almost too beautiful, too full of emotion expressed without bitterness, to be true...lovely work.

Maureen said...

The sense behind "in my eyes/ you are" echoes throughout this poem. You convey well the bittersweetness of loving and also losing.

Glynn said...

You caught something about the photo -- the fact that this wasn't eternal but something less. I tried to deal with that by using mathematics as a kind of filter. I like how you handled this. Well done.

Hope said...

this is really beautifully done. felt each line!
~burning in the stream
~swallowed fears
~trembling warmth
love these lines although all were powerful1
thank you

thank you for your visit and comment today

Anonymous said...

Ahhh yes, that bittersweet pain.
Many wonderful lines in this piece.

Purvi said...

Loved it!! Just just super awesome!!

Purvi said...

aaaahhhhh!!!!!! simple melancholy, ecstacy! Mkes me follow ur blog!

Nevine said...

A jewel of a write, this one. It twinkles like only a diamond in the raw can twinkle... with an inner glow. Beautiful, Abeer!


Temptress said...

Lovely. "whispering in my nape
breathing your escape
upon my skin." I love that. I feel that.

Sumit Sarkar said...


Yola said...

Intense and real. I can feel the sadness in my gut.

Neva Flores said...

Wonderful poem............

Anonymous said...

Very emotional, layers of emotions weaved into this Abeer, beautiful and sad too!!! Very well-done! ~April :)


cannot tell you how this piece speaks to my own heart, dear rose! - as if you've been meandering round and round in this little bleeding heart! love your choice of words - just beautiful!

Robin Ellen Lucas said...

it moves me...

kostas said...

Beautiful poetry+great music,the perfect combination.
Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Anonymous said...

God bless you

Anonymous said...

i know u baby... believe me.. i know u ...
but now something are wrong..
i can not more..


robin ellen lucas said...

beautiful imagery in your writing. glad i found you

Andy said...

So many emotions come alive in this poem. Intensely sad, but oh so beautiful.

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