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Friday, December 31, 2010

One man show...

My lips moisture
as they spell your name
when my heart calls for its beats
tears take back seats
when my eyes shelter your face
in a divine grace
comforting you in the front row
as my lashes bow
to cover your adoring gaze
lost in our maze

I raise my curtains
to carry away your burdens
and for a change be your host
within my arms you may rest
and be my only guest
and i would serve you my life and more
so that i shall live no more
without you

In your play i am an amateur
swirling around my powerful master
on my stage you lead the show
random flow
wild and raw
you are my key
when i lose my line
my refugee
that is only mine

My song would hush
in a favorite blush
once you lean upon my cheek
daring eyes turning so weak
I hear the cheers
of the joyful tears
that wet your palm
shaking away that ragging calm
in a moment out of time
we spell our passion in a kiss

All is one
equation done
curtains down
as we are turning around
to melt in that final act
almost intact
One more lifetime to come
One more resolution of love
Sprinkled dreams in a package
in your handbag luggage
Tenderly tight
we are to be
That Play of Renaissance

Crash these plates of pain
unset those dates in vain
be in me
My new year referee
and i would just promise you
one endless show
with unconditional running
and only your two clapping hands.
as our celebrating breaths setting the new professional formula.


Bubba said...

And what a show! Nice one, D.R.!

Have a happy new year!

Jingle said...

intense, heartfelt words.
Thanks for sharing.
Happy New Year.

Far-Rock said...

A breathtaking poem Beero ....tremendous work magnificent thoughts...was totally captured in d world of imagination and I'm d character playing in it:) you always do a remarkable work:) Wish u heaps of happiness and success with all ur desired wishes comes true & my prayers are & will be wid u always. Allah bless you:)

John (@bookdreamer) said...

as ever you sizzle with emotion

Myriad of Thoughts said...

Very touching...
The beginning is superb..

"My lips moisture
as they spell your name".....

Love it..
Happy New Year :)

Unknown said...

I enjoyed reading your work, great piece

The Lonely Recluse said...

Truly a beautiful scene, I pray one day I shall feel that way. Beauty bound in verse.
The Lonely Recluse.

Anonymous said...


Now on to poetry...the poem reflects the beauty of the poetess...

Intense, touching, awesome!

Thank you for sharing :)

Unknown said...

Intense emotions. Beautiful words spilling from your heart and showering one lucky person with your love.

Orange said...

Awesome... truly awesome... loved it!

Unknown said...

lovely piece!

Anonymous said...

Very intense poem, lovely!

♥ 2011 ♥

Louise Gallagher said...

Ooohhh. Very intense. Wonderful!

I enjoy reading you as well Desert Rose! You're words flow like honey.


Happy New Year!


Dulçe ♥ said...

Oh my dear Rose Abeer... When I read your poetry I feel like a tiny amateur in front of a giant expert on words, lines, stanzas, so full of so perfectly chosen utterances which, with them, bring the whole Universe of passion and compassion, and redemption... to Real Love.

You are a fave my dear
Sweet warm hugs

May Kosba said...

Great piece - sentimental and sexy - my beautiful poet :)))

Claudia said...

what a lovely show - i like the eyes shelter the face..
have a wonderful new year abeer!

Fireblossom said...

Where do you get your pictures that accompany the poems? they are always superb.

Happy New Year, girl!

dakshi said...

Superb sentiments...
Thanx for stopping by..

Anonymous said...

This was a beautiful poem, Desert Rose. The imagery and powerful words really paint the picture! It was a pleasure to read this!

robin ellen lucas said...

when my heart calls for its beats.. love this poem

Arts web show said...

I can hear the deep feeling in this.
And the one man show theme resonates with me

Anonymous said...

be happy dear.. forver sunshine..
u r sunshine.. always..
good luck

Tofyta said...

"My lips moisture
as they spell your name" UUUUH Beero
Feel my feelings and write it !! Thank u babe for it
I enjoy reading u always beero .. allah bless u sweetheart <3

moondustwriter said...

Rich words from a true romantic at heart. A beautiful, desirous dance

Hugs from the Moon

Lu Ann said...

I´ve truly been there :) Awesome writing!

Anonymous said...

this is a beautiful piece! and what a great photo! your blog is really nice! glad I stopped by and happy new year!

Anonymous said...


Rick said...

Well done! Absolutely gorgeous work and Happy New Year to you.

Anonymous said...

great flow of words...
a good blend of emotions.

Sam said...

Simply Beautiful...

Anonymous said...

lovely and you are always good in this! mine for this thursday-

Purvi said...

U always and always touch me deep!


Anonymous said...

congrats on your perfect poet award wk 36.. here’s mine for this thursday again haha..

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