Always on My Mind you baby...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I watched them all
holding me tight
turning this night
into a daydream of love
Lots of gifts
colors of joy
it was warm
around that tree
only i didn't see Me!
that Me, they all did
I only see you instead

I had to smile
walking this aisle
of hope.
I have been here before
where the sweet memories
savagely brush
this weakened hush
my mind keeps begging for
to fake some strength

That star on top
knows my secret
it shines for me,
with extra glow
perhaps it is time to go
my certain steps along the hall
for now,i don't hear them call
unwrapping their love boxes
of the season

On my way out
I heard your breath
beneath this wreath
One warm shiver flies
as you handled my eyes
resting my wanderings
to your unanswered belongings
in a moment,
I became that me
that you always see
when the others don't

I invited myself
to your Obsession
that me
I love the most to be
with you.
I know by now, it is that true
all i ever really wanted
for Christmas
is you.


Neva Flores said...

I felt every word in this one.........and brushed away a tear.

Desert Rose said...

I feel you there Neva....i do.
thank you!

Anonymous said...

lovely choice of words.. mines here-

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... to immerse my soul in the comfort of your imagery and lines: Bliss. I miss reading you!

dustus said...

"my mind keeps begging for
to fake some strength"

Beautiful, vulnerable lines. The flow of feeling is magnificent, as is the sentiment and holiday wish.

Eric Alder said...

Tell Santa... you never know.

Nice One Shot!

Claudia said...

that you always see
when the others don't...
resonates strongly with me...great flow in your poem..

Brian Miller said...

to be seen by the one we love for who we are that they can only see...yeah i want that for shristmas too...smiles.

Louise said...

I do love your poetry...being seen by the one we love, for truly who we are ....beautiful :)

Iliteratepoet said...

I really enjoyed this intimate poem. The flow was perfect, great 'OneShot' :)

Soraya said...

It´s so beautiful Abeer, I am filled with that special feeling.

hedgewitch said...

I liked the simplicity and directness, as well as the intensity of feeling. The search for independent identity is always hardest among those who know us best, and a wise person knows when surrender is the right choice.

Anonymous said...

This seems like a Christmas I'm longing for. You write such classic love poetry. Gorgeous!

Jingle said...

Awesome entry,
Glad to see you shine at JP!


Refuge Insomniac said...

You always provide me with a complete journey, and I always enjoy the ride. Warm wishes! David

LauraX said...

sometimes it does take the love another to truly see our own infinite beauty. A deeply touching poem.

Asobime said...

YOU are the ultimate romantic!


Lady Nyo

Carrie Burtt said...

The last line says it all....what a beautiful message in your poem Desert Rose! This is beautiful! :-)

moondustwriter said...

Here's to the love that has the deepest part of our heart yet all we can do is hear them/ feel them in a memory

well written and I am glad to see you - have missed you *hugs*

you are always welcome / always missed

Moon Smiles and have a Wonderful Christmas

DeLi said...

it is so tender and bttersweet, so lifelike!

Fireblossom said...

I know, right? It's not just that other person, but the person we feel we can be when we are with them. They don't just take themselves away if they go...they take that version of us we loved, too.

River said...

Such sweet words. :) Happy Holidays

Thoughts Not Lost said...

Such a beautiful, rich poem. Tangible and vibrant. Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Nice 1 Pal ..
Well expressed
Take a look on mine Works !!

Anonymous said...

Oh that was so beautiful and lovely !! I could feel every word wrapped with so much love and feelings .. Lovely !

One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers and Artists said...

where have you been? although you have never left..continually popping up at others blogs and commenting...i hope you are well and i hope this poem doent reflect the Christmas you envisage? The words were sorrowful and yet expressive and well written....

enjoy the festive season and have a great new year..all the best Pete

Glynn said...

That star on top shnes for all of us. Wonderful love poem.

Dulce said...

Abeer dear,
You always write in a fashion so full of passion and tenderness and the meaning inside each singles word you choose so wisely put...
You shine baabeee!
Hope you are having a full of love time right now...

SuziCate said...

You write with such strength, beauty, and grace. I think Christmas is calling to you now.,

Chris G. said...

As ever, a delightful blend of image and word - and the words, they ring with feeling. Such love in be truly seen by the one we love and long for, could there be any greater gift? Any greater desire?

Happy Holidays to you, thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

all make mistakes. no matter what said others. Do not worry. Your heart are amazing. Keep it.
Your poems is wonderful.
Be happy always. My God bless u.

Anonymous said...

Passion of the mists enthused with a desert rose
A chimera fed by an oasis, a taste of forbidden fruit
Oneself lost bare in desert dunes, to a mountain top consigned
'Ain languorous crimson, to valley's blush green carpet cries

And thus she melted into an ozone driven winter dawn
On the horizon of unsparing corona, at west of middling morn
At the tea houses bare 'hispers 'er blushing shadow cast
In the twilight between evening & night, I felt her will o' wisp again

Then it grew 'older yet, clawing deep within, to my bones
Shuddering taut, crept to warmth of the fireplace
Tiny glowing eyes throwing out unaccounted glares
Comforted I curled unto this divan to spend to atone
And dreamth of forty houries in service of the master's wight Bms

Steve Isaak said...

Exotic, sublime take on a religious- and commerce-raped holiday.

Superb work.

Joanne said...

Well done! All the feelings, the rhythm of unrhymed lines, the rhyme of lines, the innerness of private emotion among the paper and glitter.

BVS said...

don't celebrate christmas but this one almost made me tear. i can relate a lot. very tender and soft. great work my beautiful talented poet friend :)

Anonymous said...

Turning to an epicritic prologue of emotions afoot.
To sizzling tinders & gurgling of the kettle's toot.
To the heart vain, euphemisms to the minder pumping lien. Happy Christmas! in sprite of the dianoial spirit.
Thumping a tandem rhythm on eve of this holy day, in a festive play.

Sumit Sarkar said...

The pictures are so very beautiful... :)
And your poetry is fabulous...
beautiful sentiments :)

Nevine said...

Abeer, there is a warmth in these words that is beyond only seasonal. The words hug the season tight and leave it blushing... but they reach inside... into the soul... and illuminate what lies hidden there... for all eternity.

I wish you the loveliest new year imaginable... filled with the realization of your wishes and dreams... and smiles that extent from eye to eye.

Love you!

Kol sana winti tayyeba!!!


Myrna R. said...

There was sadness in this, at least it evoked it in me. It accomplished what poetry should - touch the heart. Nice job.

Brock S. Henning said...

Beautiful words for this time of year (and all year long).

"I became that me
that you always see
when the others don't"

I love that. :)

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