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Monday, June 9, 2014

The Freedom Bird's Song...

with no excuses
Come driven,
and in aggregation
riding your on steroids desperation
come crawling
curling in your suffocated need
come bandaged and in bleed
Come bursting in your moaning silence
howling your loudest cries of resistance
just Come... 
drowning in the ocean of your desire
building of each stare an empire
of longing and madness
Come in your potion and stillness   
Come for the sake of the want
for the relief of anger, come rant!
but come for the love
always come for the love
my love...

no reasons required for the souls to strip bare
no shutters can be candid enough
let your eyes wander everywhere
they shoot your heart in a shameless dare
what you hide come exposed
what you ride burn enclosed
every time you run 
you chase the moon and the sun
in my eyes
Come with your broken wings
come with your kisses and stings
fly in your chains
claim your own stains
upon my tormented sheet
come where our souls meet
within the dream and the delirium

Come from of the corner of my eyes
come to my arms out of my arms
come when the solitude hummings are war drums
come for the cheeriest laughter
come with the tears and whisper
come out of your heart cocoon
drench in my childish poetic monsoon 
its never enough time nor too soon
come shining or with a gloom
out of the darkest night, rises your moon
come with a word or a dot
come with your eyes wide shut
come when i call
when i rise and when i fall
let your wings soar
cage your heart no more 
my love...
the freedom bird shall sing
even if kept within a golden cage.   




Brian Miller said...

nice. i really like the second stanza in this...coming with broken wings....flying despite your chains...there is something really empowering about this...and freeing...

scotthastiepoet said...

Come indeed... Glorious work - a lovely and uplifting read -Thanks With Best Wishes Scott

scotthastiepoet said...
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Björn Rudberg said...

The repetitions works wonder.. And the wish for her to come - love that

ayala said...

I love the passion in this piece, so much said and unsaid..yet it's there. It resonates with me ....

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