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Monday, June 2, 2014


On top of the world
like a petrified Monk
eyes moist
your heart races
dream chases
in an Adrenaline rush
veins burst
euphoric lust
arms in the air
Ecstatic pearls of sweat
How far we can get?
in the history making lane
out of your magnificent mind mane
Hope Rocks and rule
faith is the passionate fuel
belief is your engine
And we make it happen
rising like a magical phoenix
off the ashes of despair

made of truth and dare
The knights came and Conquer
like an erupting thunder
lava in hunger
bats and fields
spins and yields
tears and laughter
when we want we deliver
In a breathtaking Cartwheel
victory is his happiness to feel
Where he comes from is only sunshine songs
and moon dancing in Somersaults.


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