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Monday, June 16, 2014

A Dreamer...

Once upon a Dream
i will whip your lips 
one kiss at at a time. 
Skin your soul
one verse for a dime
Shred your heart
At my cruelest hug
Then burn in the flesh
at your tenderest drench
Once upon a dream
i shall be all that i seem
i will cling to your silent scream
My darkness calls
so does your beam
stronger then a phoenix
i rise of my ashes
loving you every freaking time

Once upon a dream
i will break those chains
run to you all sinned and stained
eyes blur
tears roll
and in a shell
once upon a dream
i will spill
and spell
but will you still hug me?
will you still be there?
holding our time still
be my revolution as i rebel
that much you can't tell
no need to reply
soon i am going to fly
to you

live by your heartless heart
dare to rise on my own stream
once upon a condemned dream
you will chase the rain in the skies of my soul 
And i will be the Rainbow above your head.

1 comment:

The Bizza said...

This is really interesting and sensual. I love the juxtaposition of language throughout.

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