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Friday, June 27, 2014

Bed Rest...

You killed me
with the guillotine of your silence
your loudest cry of longing
revived me  
with the pouring tears flood at your heart
beneath your euphoric laughs
you wrote me
Deciphered and encrypted
miserably enchanted
celebrating our love feast
within the restless of your bed rest

you carved me
with your axe of doubt
with the blooming roses of wait
hoplessly fading in my burning valley of patience
Then, you decapitate my resistance
i reincarnate as your self vengeance
to love you more
with every bit to the core
My silent roar
shakes your every comfort zone
Darling, you are never really alone
beneath your skin
i crawl
with every gush of blood, i howl
Rising in your blurry vision
the dancing smokey demon
haunting your sleepless day-night 
flaunting every Caffeinated sight and insight 
I French Kiss your lips
Passionately nibble your ribs
Embrace where you crave 
spend in you all what you save
our black and white
i madly bite
as you lay helplessly in bed rest...

I am that feeling you can't describe
that forbidden fruit you eat raw and ripe
that wordless line that puzzles you the most
that empty space you refill when you breathe
Queen of your mind fairytale kingdoms
and the freedom fighter of your reasoning colonizations
what i am doesn't matter much
i am the one that will melt in your touch
when you eventually write me 
with your tongue brush
sentencing all my moans to rush
as loud when i write you
as my shivering offering of words
upon your silent alter sheet..
of your most energetic bed rest.



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