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Thursday, December 18, 2014


They sway,
and play
as Hard as tender
They Plough ,
bluff ,
and dough ,
as soft as tough
They are my exile and shelter
They fly,
falling in tears and laughter
Your fingers,
in my mind body, wander
They curl and spread
scream in my poetic bed
metaphorically-cuffed loose
your fingers blues,
rise at your Husky voice tone
dance on your pulsating groan
your fingers throb and moan
at my fantasies bursting rush
They giggle
around that dangling cigarette
as they wiggle
upon the bare skin of my mind
your fingers spill and spell
stanzas of the chaotic verse
of your longing heart, in a touch-less touch
your fingers scream in a nicotine stained hush
i listen to their energetic deliverance speech
when your lips get sealed on your blush
your fingers unleash my hunger
every line is a an urging rapture
every turn they make, is a promise
of erupting pain and pleasure

Your Fingers rain
and snow
marinated rivers of fantasy
They cling,
sling and whisper
Your fingers are the warfare and the warrior. 
But your fingers are braver than you
they pose bare to my cupidity
hang on tighter to my infatuation stupidity
they caress where your eyes spear
and sensibly lick where i bleed 
They grip where in me your stares burn
and flick where i desperately plead 
your fingers are prophets of your creed
and i am of your religion,
 a follower
Your fingers know my brain curves
my pain surfs 
and stormy quivers
The kings of your silence 
abducted in your absence 
They have a language of their own,
that only my eyes speak
cryptic at times
tender and sleek
mostly enchanting, like the seduction gods of the Greeks
And when you wave
my each gaze is your slave
and your fingers are the masters
of my ecstasy
just like your cruel lips
sometimes they show no advocated propensity
they wear your heart
at the bare unfold
so many secrets,
kept and told
as shy as bold
your fingers are magicians of disguise
little pinky Houdinis and thumbing Jadugars
landing on my bosom's planet Mars
The Rulers of my kingdoms of Treasure
your fingers unbutton my mental shirt of pleasure
pat on my scented anticipation
firmly cuddling my exhausted hesitation
your fingers i shiver
And when you talk with your hands 
your eyes inevitably blink
heroically your fingers punctuate
those savage clauses that i hum
my veins drip in a roaring drum
How wonderful would it be
if i can have your exotic fingers speak of me..
upon me
about me
around me
for my muted me..i wonder
what these fat juicy wild triggers
have in me to scribble?
too much wordless words
your fingers within me, nibble  
messengers of lust
passengers of blast
your fingers make love to my craving fertile imagination
and i.. give birth to poems with your fingerprint namesake.



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