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Monday, December 29, 2014


What we see
blinds us
and when we stare
it blinks
what we listen to
is what hasn't been said
and what we don't hear
shuts us up
we hold your air
and hug your sweet nothings
breathing you in
in a life we die for
tasting your bittersweet silence
chewing on your present absence
we pretend we are jolly perks
enjoying the heroic act of selflessness
needing less of what we don't get
craving more of what we already own
but the fact is we are not saints
we do break down in our filthy selfishness
and drench in those rivers of wanting
we are weaker
when we are strong
we cry louder
at the happy lyrics of your once hummed 
When you fire kiss
my lucid lips
my burning ice melts
what we think we have
we unwillingly, miss 
we run further
when we are still
And while we are waiting
we arrive  
The more we hide,
we expose.
The more we keep,
we lose
whatever we kill,
we live
and the more we care less,
we care only more

What to do?
all my things just long for you
my coffee cup is a bit salty
and that lunch meal gets only colder
the blanket still holds my dreamless dreams
i can vividly remember
of your coming
and on my pillow,
the monsoons of your refrain
before my window
i lit a candle...
as i wonder
what is harder to handle
your happening to my way
or my not happening to yours...?


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