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Monday, October 12, 2015

Chocolate box

Where can i start
your every part
makes my blood sugar rise
see, i had spoken to them,
your honey rivers eyes
where the sweetest promises nest
provided for and happenings nursed
delicate breeze spins as you blink
scented ripples dance when you wink
And i drift
in the breathtaking swift
as you, in your long lashes night,
i melt
at the hazel quilt
that only smells like your coming musk
dawn breaks at your rising
time wears its handshakes at your gaze
Ah..My wonder wall maze
i am playfully never wanting to be found,

So, I write,
because i can't soar beneath the stars
i collect them into a necklace of words
around your nerve erupting neck
of solitude, for company
I ode
in your every creation mode
because i can't squeeze of the darkest life clouds,
for your dreams, some rain
to revive in my heart a hope
that in this desert of expectations
somehow, the bud shall bloom
and the fields of wishes will in your drizzle,

I ballad
off your sighs a country of tunes
where i rhythm myself home 
to paint your face a warm rainbow,
with my madness palette
your gaze i chase,
sparkling your eyes with your wonderful 
and sketching upon your every blushing cheek a rose
life gets cruel on all of us at times, my love
i want to make sure i can always carve your juicy craters
deeper, blowing at their every pose a flying stanza
and metaphorically chasing all your reasoning sanity away

 I line
when my days in your nights entwine
because i can't hold the time still
every time you become the time
because i can't spend the mornings
but in your sunshine realms
because i soul curl only in your verse palms
and i can't kiss your eyes goodnight
so i write,
may be the softest rhyme might
reach where my third dimension,

I write
not knowing the fate of the verse
i give birth every single time on my own
in my black forests of pain
giving away my children to your love alter
at the temple of faith,
a kurban.

I write
drunk on my illusion
sober to it's confusion
selfishly claiming security
and selflessly offering it all away
because i can't nurse you some memories
of my colored hair and fair skin
of my virtuous laughs and dreadful handshake sin
i weave you of my imagination breed, some
because i can't before you for real but come undone

I write 
So that i get to hug you
in a world of our own
tuck in my mind life cradle, your angry frown
just as tight as my out of this world, words
So that in between the lines
i meet you
and plant you all my love in a long poetic kiss
upon your yielding eyes'lips,
and capital letters arms crashing embrace.

I write
to ache this sweet tooth i have for you my love
getting scolded by my poetic fitness trainers
every time i taste your coco dripping nectar
in a darkened 99%Lindt verse
and a whole box of Rhyming lifetime-long "kisses". 

Photo is an artwork painting by the talented artist: Wijdan

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