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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


AC is a bit cold
scattered joy sticks
on page 27 open book 
where is the Coffee you just sipped?
that quill in your blood, had dipped  
blowing life lessons into curvy lines
and intimate breaking turns.
Friday nights fevers
around the world agnostic believers
street-less roads of loneliness
paved of protesting nerves and rebellious guts  
"Should i start with the barking memories,
to calm the nostalgic screams?
or get into the euphoric happenings
to scream this nostalgia calm?"
O did i mention your charm?
well, it is how you get there
in the heart of every heart
spelling yourself in a glimpse
and hiding beyond a cheerful mess
too many dying Classics butts
keeping the ashtray as warm
red ink drops
fifteen million love pops
mention-beep never stops
luck that is not by chance
sleepless nights,
insomniac mornings
retake frames and smiling cuts
ice bags for kisses
tenderness lands in the eyes,
he misses 
acting smart
when the joints smart
The prince of darkness
is the nomad of his spotlight
a storm of thoughts breaks in your mind
the journey ecstatically on flash-rewind
tears unseen
pecks on screen
your dimples craze
in hugs ablaze
under stage roars
human hearts floors
where every piece of you pours
craving the love you generously, 

Living in a suitcase
always ready for a soul flight
Home had never been a place
perhaps that is the plight
unanswered queries
wandering in your speech
hopping around the direct preach 
to the humorous spin
it spreads your veins open
that pregnant blank expecting 
in labor pains of recall
delivery could be any minute now
 you space break
and stare in your self's face
for inspiration 
just like i do
when i write you off you
all red wined and marinated
Your smokey breeze
musky, as i breathe
some million miles away
where i helplessly, sit
bleeding to my keyboard   
Linguistically caffeinated
and my lifetime sheet,
just smells like you.
Watching over you,
from behind the curtains of my soul
returning your every call 
encrypting my hymns
on the mellow walls of your thunderous silence.

Taps on the door
your heart crumbles on the floor
For a late night shoot,
they call
you stand as tall
wearing all your expressions designer palette
you turn a bit higher the AC freezing set
unbuttoning your bursting heart's shirt
and dangling another deadly life savior,
that on your way out,
you forgot,
to lit. 






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