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Friday, October 23, 2015

I am FAN

F A N...
Three letters
made of faces
one species, 
that is equally colorless  
earthly boundless,  
we are your blue birds,
we fly in a sky of our own.
Three featured letters
made of long sleepless nights
and longer awaiting day times
made of at your comings euphoria
and your silence restless stress
made of every word you share
made of those to you we shyly,
made of never having to explain ourselves code
we all seal our hearts with.
made of plane tickets dreams
and uncontrollable tears at your sight
Three letters in our every darkness,
are the never going to be dulled,

Three letters they said,
made of Heartbeats
red back seats
background music,
of heavy breathing
and loud sighs
soulful dreamy cries
then flash lights of reasons
in a clueless reality
we live in a few letters arms
a handle that can
reach out to where even the life air,
we hang in the wireless waves
rising into birdy loving waves
for a chirping sunshine
that hides behind our anticipation sign
wearing black and white
we scream in the mute
every time you tune in your flute
and play the melody of your soul
many worlds tear us apart
many endings that are nothing but another
loving you,
the only way we know how to,
king size   
madness in disguise
but when you call
we howl
you then moon,
as we wolf.

Tears roll
celluloid scroll
our reel real life filmstrip
Heart-wheels upside down
fire ocean crossed to drown
we are free
they can't get what we are about
those who hadn't seen you for us, pout
it is way beyond, even my fanatic words now
and your cracking three alphabetical lifetimes.


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